ECE 495B - Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Counts as:

Experimental Course Offered: Spring 2004 (cancelled)

Catalog Description:
Entrepreneurial hands-on class that is focused on educating engineers how to identify new business opportunities, evaluate the market, create a business plan, acquire funding, and grow a business from the ground up.

Supplementary Information:
Approved as unrestricted elective 9/4/03.

Required Text(s):
  1. Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure, Jerry Kaplan, Replica Books, 2001, ISBN No. 014-025-7314.
  2. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Finance and Business: Wealth Creation Techniques for Growing a Business, Roza Makonnen, Steve Rogers, Steven Rogers, McGrow-Hill, 2002, ISBN No. 007-138-0817.
Recommended Text(s):
  1. Case Packets and Presentations provided at the first class and available online.
  2. Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, Tom Copeland, Tim Koller, Jack Murrin, John Wiley & Sons, 2000, ISBN No. 047-100-9938.

Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. Understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. [h,j,k]
  2. Ability to assess markets to identify new business opportunities. [a,h,j]
  3. Fundamentals of Finance & Marketing. [e,k]
  4. How to put together a successful business plan. [b,g,j]

Lecture Outline:

Week(s) Lecture Topics
1 What it takes to be an entrepreneur
2 How to assess markets to identify new opportunities
1 How to value a new business idea
1 Fundamentals of Finance
1 Fundamentals of Marketing
1 How to protect intellectual property
3 How to put together a successful business plan
2 How to solicit funding
2 How to hire and grow a startup business
1 How to partner for success

Engineering Design Content:

Establishment of Objectives and Criteria

Engineering Design Consideration(s):