ECE 60800 - Computational Models and Methods

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Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization:

  • Computer Engineering
  • VLSI and Circuit Design

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Normally Offered:

Each Fall, Spring

Catalog Description:

Computation models and techniques for the analysis of algorithm complexity. The design and complexity analysis of recursive and non-recursive algorithms for searching, sorting, set operations, graph algorithms, matrix multiplication, polynomial evaluation and FFT calculations. NP-complete problems.

Required Text(s):

  1. Introduction to Algorithms , 3rd Edition , T. Cormen, C. Leiserson and R. Rivest , MIT Press , 2009 , ISBN No. 0262033844

Recommended Text(s):


Lecture Outline:

Weeks Topic
1 Time and space complexity; analysis methods
2.5 Models of computation Turing machine
2.5 Recurrence formulas, discrete mathematics
1.5 Sorting
1.5 Search; Set Operations
2 Graph Algorithms
1 Polynomial, matrix and FFT algorithms
2 NP-complete problems

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