IBM Research - Austin

Job Title: Multiple Positions
Position Type: Administrative
Description: IBM Research-Austin is seeking candidates for multiple positions for individuals to perform world-class systems research on problems related to mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), sofware-defined systems (network, storage, and compute), mobile applications, and power- and resilience-optimized systems. We are investigating novel ways to improve the performance, robustness, cost, and/or energy-efficiency of these kinds of systems.

If you are interested in these positions, you can find more details below on the research areas, our lab, and how to apply.
Priority: No
Degree Requirement: PhD

IBM Research-Austin has multiple positions (permanent and postdoc, fresh PhDs or experienced professionals) for world class researchers in the following research areas:

  • Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS):  Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the primary way that people access internet content and services.  This shift is changing not only user experiences, but also the way that backend services in the data center are built and managed.  Our lab is exploring novel ways to build the mobile backend software stack of the future.  Research areas pertinent to this work include distributed systems, middleware services, cloud computing environments, security, operating systems, and language runtimes.   []
  • Software-defined systems:  Just as backend server software is rapidly evolving, the way that data center hardware is built and managed is also undergoing a fundamental shift.  New hardware trends include a shift towards integrated SoC-based (micro)servers, the emergence of 10-40GbE networks, integration of specialized hardware accelerators, and the convergence of data and storage networks. Software-defined systems are changing the way this hardware is composed and managed.  All hardware (compute, network, and storage) is becoming virtualized and managed in a way that co-optimizes the efficiency and cost of the underlying hardware and the performance and quality of service of the services being run on it.  Research areas pertinent to this work include software-defined networking, storage, virtualization, security, performance monitoring, and autonomous system management.  []
  • Mobile applications:  At the core of many of these changes in the way servers and data centers are built and operated is the explosion in mobile applications.  As any good systems researcher knows, using the right workload is critical to evaluate and optimize a system.  To drive the work described above, we are partnering with both internal (IBM) and external mobile software developers.  To augment these partnerships, we are looking for a researcher with experience building, scaling, and evaluating mobile applications.  []
  • Power- and resilience-optimized systems:  As semiconductor technology nears end of CMOS scaling, variability and decreasing power-efficiency improvements from scaling pose serious challenges to improving the energy-efficiency of computing systems.  Resiliency challenges also are expected to grow as feature sizes shrink and increased variability is imposing additional power/performance overheads.  It is thus increasingly important to co-optimize the energy efficiency and resiliency of systems.  To address these challenges we are looking for candidates with expertise in one or more areas of energy-efficient processor and memory systems design, emerging memory technologies, and circuits and architectures for resilient and fault-tolerant computing.  []

Successful candidates will have deep knowledge in one or more of the above areas and the demonstrated ability to carry their ideas through to the prototype and implementation level.  Successful candidates should also have a substantial track record of publishing research results in top quality research conferences and/or journals. Applicants who have implemented substantial projects in their area(s) of expertise are preferred.  Creative thinking and the ability to work in a team are required.  Successful researchers must disseminate the results of their research internally and externally through papers, patent disclosures, conference presentations, and similar mechanisms, so strong communication skills are important.  Selected applicants will contribute both to existing projects and will be given the freedom to initiate new projects of relevance/importance to IBM.

IBM Reseach-Austin is one of 12 IBM research laboratories worldwide. The lab focuses on systems research, both hardware and software, that pushes the limits of emerging technologies.  The lab currently has major projects in software-defined networking and storage, mobile enterprise services, system-level power analysis and management, workload-optimized systems for Big Data (analytics), workload-driven server acceleration, and Smarter Planet projects related to water management, cancer treatment, and smart grids.  Our research tends to be highly collaborative, both within the lab and beyond.  And Austin is an awesome place to live.  []

If you are interested in learning more about or applying for any of the MBaaS, software-defined systems, or mobile applications positions, please contact John Carter <>.  If you are interested in the power- and resilience-optimized systems positions, please contact Karthick Rajamani <>.