Other Technical Focus Tracks

The technical focus of this unique Professional Master’s Program is on connecting the physical side of electronics (hardware) with the virtual side (software and systems). The program provides opportunities for students to develop technical depth and breadth in AI for Autonomous Systems, Systems-on-Chips, Internet of Things, Renewable Energy Technologies, and in other topics such as:

RF Engineering

This technical focus emphasizes a variety of technologies based on electronic and RF MEMS components for applications in radar, sensors, cellular networks, satellite communications, position, navigation, and timing.

Semiconductor Technology

This technical focus addresses integrated, system-specific performance and reliability of transistors, memory technologies, solar cells, photo-detectors, energy harvesters, bio-chemical sensors, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and materials for quantum systems.

Student-designed Focus Tracks

With help from faculty advisors, students may design other technical focus tracks, such as Smart Cities, Mobile health, Wearable devices and systems, Smart homes, etc.