2011 Qualifying Exams

All files are in PDF format. These questions are under the old QE format and will not correspond with currents question numbers.

Automatic Control

AC-1 Questions

AC-2 Questions

AC-3 Questions

Biomedical Engineering

BE-1 Questions

BE-2 Questions

Computer Engineering

CE-1 Questions

CE-2 Questions

CE-3 Questions

CE-4 Questions

CE-5 Questions

CE-6 Questions

Communications, Networking, Signal, and Image Processing

CS-1 Questions

CS-2 Questions

CS-3 Questions

CS-4 Questions

CS-5 Questions

Fields and Optics

FO-1 Questions

FO-2 Questions

FO-3 Questions

Microelectronics and Technology (formerly Solid State Devices and Materials)

MN-1 Questions

MN-2 Questions

MN-3 Questions

Power Energy Devices and Systems

PE-1 Questions

PE-2 Questions

PE-3 Questions

VLSI and Circuit Design

VC-1 Questions

VC-2 Questions

VC-3 Questions