2007 Qualifying Exams

All files are in PDF format. These questions are under the old QE format and will not correspond with currents question numbers.

Listing of QE Questions Offered, Last 7 Exams

Automatic Control

AC-1 Questions

AC-2 Questions

AC-3 Questions

Biomedical Engineering

BE-1 Questions

BE-2 Questions

Computer Engineering

CE-1 Questions

CE-2 Questions

CE-3 Questions

CE-4 Questions

Communications, Networking, Signal, and Image Processing

CS-1 Questions

CS-2 Questions

CS-3 Questions

CS-4 Questions

CS-5 Questions

Energy Sources and Systems

ES-1 Questions

ES-2 Questions

ES-3 Questions

Fields and Optics

FO-1 Questions

FO-2 Questions

FO-3 Questions

Microelectronics and Technology (formerly Solid State Devices and Materials)

MN-1 Questions

MN-2 Questions

MN-3 Questions

VLSI and Circuit Design

VC-1 Questions

VC-2 Questions

VC-3 Questions