Faculty Research Interests

New graduate students are requested to consult with at least three faculty members, two in the student's primary area and one in a related area. The following list indicates the specific technical areas in which each faculty member is interested. NOTE: The Solid State Devices and Materials area (SS) has been changed to Microelectronics and Nonotechnology (MN).

Professor Login Office Phone Indentifier Area of Interest
Muhammad Ashraful Alam alam WANG 3051 +1 765 49-45988 C6128 MN

Physics of electronic, optoelectronic, and bioelectronic devices, transport in inhomogeneous systems, reliability limits of CMOS devices, computational modeling

Jan P. Allebach allebach MSEE 350 +1 765 49-43535 C2387 CNSIP

Electronic imaging systems, image capture and rendering, color image processing, image quality, document imaging

Joerg Appenzeller jappenze BRK 1027C +1 765 49-41076 C7101 MN

Device and transport physics of low-dimensional systems, experimental verification of novel device concept for improved transistor performance, exploration of nano-materials and nano-interfaces for future nanoelectronics applications

Saurabh Bagchi sbagchi EE 329 +1 765 49-43362 C5753 CE

Dependable distributed systems, network security, reliable high performance computing, embedded wireless networks, bioinformatics.

V. "Ragu" Balakrishnan ragu EE 122B +1 765 49-43539 C4283 AC

Numerical methods and optimization for systems and control, control theory, application of systems theory in communication, signal processing, robotics, and VLSI

Mark R. Bell mrb MSEE 336 +1 765 49-46412 C3289 CNSIP

Information theory, communication theory and systems, radar systems and signal processing, signal theory, free-space optical communications

Alexandra Boltasseva aeb BRK 1295 1-765-49-40301 C7538 MN

Nanophotonics, nanofabrication, plasmonics, metamaterials, integrated optics, sensing

Charles A. Bouman bouman MSEE 320 +1 765 49-40340 C3290 CNSIP

Image processing, statistical image modeling, pattern recognition, image printing and display, tomography and inverse problems, medical imaging.

Mireille "Mimi" Boutin mboutin MSEE 342 +1 765 49-43538 C6290 CNSIP

Computer vision and image processing, automatic language translation, mobile device applications, interdisciplinary research, computational and applied mathematics

Michael A. Capano capano BRK 2291 +1 765 49-43563 C5301 MN

Wide band gap semiconductors, semiconductor fabrication processes, chemical vapor deposition, defects in semiconductors, high-resolution x-ray diffraction, graphene, ion implantation, structural characterization

Mary Comer comerm MSEE 332 +1 765 49-43486 C6532 CNSIP

Video compression, scalable video coding, medical imaging, image and video processing

James A. Cooper cooperj C2508 MN

Semiconductor device physics, wide band gap semiconductors, power switching devices, electron transport in semiconductors, MOS interface characterization, graphene electronic devices.

Supriyo Datta datta WANG 3047 +1 765 49-43511 C2258 MN

Spin electronics, nanoscale energy conversion, molecular electronics and mesoscopic superconductivity

Raymond A. Decarlo decarlo MSEE 233A +1 765 49-43523 C1658 AC

Hybrid optimal Control, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Modeling and Control, Variable structure control: theory and applications, Lyapunov stability, decentralized control, analog fault analysis and diagnosis of circuits, diesel engine control

Edward J. Delp ace MSEE 368 +1 765 49-41740 C2643 CNSIP

Image processing, image and video compression, information security, multimedia systems, medical imaging, computer vision, communication and information theory

David S. Ebert ebertd POTR 228 +1 765 49-49064 C5438 CE

Visual analytics, computer graphics, visualization, mobile graphics, modeling natural phenomena, photorealistic and non-photorealistic rendering

Rudolf Eigenmann eigenman EE 325 +1 765 49-41741 C4447 CE

Optimizing Compilers, Parallel and High-Performance Computing, Cyberinfrastructure, Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking

Daniel S. Elliott elliottd MSEE 258 +1 765 49-43442 C2644 FO

Nonlinear optics, multiphoton processes, photoionization, competition between optical processes, coherent control, atomic coherence

Okan K. Ersoy ersoy MSEE 346 +1 765 49-46162 C2822 CNSIP

Digital signal/image processing and imaging, neural networks, decision trees and support vector machines, optical communications, networking and information processing, diffractive optics with scanning electron microscope, Fourier-related transforms and time-frequency methods, probability and statistics

Eric S. Furgason furg EE 049 +1 765 49-43526 C0745 FO

Applied ultrasonics, acoustic emissions, nondestructive evaluation of materials, acoustic propagation and scattering, ultrasonic signal processing.

Saul B. Gelfand gelfand MSEE 352 +1 765 49-43439 C2987 CNSIP

Digital communications, statistical signal processing, optimization and pattern recognition

Arif Ghafoor ghafoor MSEE 236 +1 765 49-40638 C3630 CE

Multimedia systems, databases, distributed computing systems, broadband multimedia networking

Robert L. Givan givan EE 313C +1 765 49-49068 C4716 CE

Artificial intelligence, adaptive decision-making for computer networks, decision-theoretic planning, machine learning, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, Markov decision processes

Jeffery L. Gray grayj EE 136 +1 765 49-43390 C2646 MN

Computer modeling of semiconductor devices, semiconductors physics, photovoltaic devices

Jianghai Hu jianghai MSEE 220 +1 765 49-62395 C6373 AC

Hybrid systems; multi-agent systems; control of uncertain systems; control applications (e.g. in sensor networks and energy efficient building management); general control and optimization theory

Y. Charlie Hu ychu MSEE 226 +1 765 49-49143 C5641 CE

Distributed systems, operating systems, networking, parallel computing

Leah H. Jamieson lhj ARMS 3000 +1 765 49-45346 C0784 CNSIP

Engineering education, engineering and society, public understanding of engineering

David B. Janes janes BRK 2268 +1 765 49-49263 C3287 MN

Nanoscale electronic devices, molecular/semiconductor devices, microwave devices and characterization

Dan Jiao djiao WANG 3049 49-45240 C6630 FO

Computational electromagnetics, applied electromagnetics, high frequency VLSI circuit design and analysis, high-performance VLSI CAD, fast and high-capacity numerical methods, scattering and antenna analysis, microwave and millimeter wave circuits, and bio-electromagnetics

Byunghoo Jung jungb WANG 2053 +1 765 49-42866 C6533 VC

Analog and mixed signal IC design. RF and high-speed IC design for wireless and wireline communication systems. Development of sensor interface and bio-telemetry system for bio-medical applications

Avinash C. Kak kak EE 340 +1 765 49-43551 C0756 CE

Sensor and Camera Networks, High-Level Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Computer and Network Security

Gerhard Klimeck gekco DLR 103 - NCN suite +1 765 49-49212 C6129 MN

Nanoelectronic device analysis and synthesis, genetic algorithm based optimization, high performance computing, engineering tool development

Cheng-Kok Koh chengkok MSEE 254 +1 765 49-63683 C5061 VC

Computer Aided Design (CAD) for Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI)

James V. Krogmeier jvk MSEE 338 +1 765 49-43530 C3464 CNSIP

Signal processing for wireless communications, adaptive filtering and equalization, synchronization, modulation and coding for nonlinear channels, intelligent transportation systems

C. S. George Lee csglee MSEE 256 +1 765 49-41384 C2825 AC, CE

Robotics, neural fuzzy systems, skills learning

James S. Lehnert lehnert MSEE 240 +1 765 49-42362 C2648 CNSIP

Communication theory, information theory, spread spectrum signaling, packet radio systems, fading communication channels, channel equalization techniques, signal design and coding

Xiaojun Lin linx MSEE 340 +1 765 49-40626 C6562 CNSIP

Network as a large system. Resource allocation, control, routing, security, and cross-layer design for wireless and wireline communication networks

David J. Love djlove MSEE 360 +1 765 49-66797 C6300 CNSIP

Communication theory, information theory, feedback in communication systems, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless systems, Grassmannian subspace packing, massive MIMO communications, distributed MIMO, millimeter wave communications, signal processing to minimize EM exposure

Yung-Hsiang Lu yunglu MSEE 222 +1 765 49-42668 C5764 CE, VC

Mobile and cloud computing, energy-efficient computing, image and video processing

Mark S. Lundstrom lundstro WANG 3055 +1 765 49-43515 C2194 MN

Semiconductor device physics, change carrier transport, computational electronics, physics and limits of nanotransistors

Michael R. Melloch melloch EE 122D +1 765 49-43528 C2649 MN

Semiconductor physics, molecular beam epitaxy, heterostructures, superlattices, ultra-small devices

David G. Meyer meyer MSEE 238 +1 765 49-43476 C2456 ED

Application of information technology in engineering education, electroacoustics, computer architecture and parallel processing, embedded real-time systems

Samuel P. Midkiff smidkiff EE 310 +1 765 49-43440 C5766 CE

Compilers, memory and consistency models, compiling for low power, software reliability, compiling for high performance, extensible compilers

Saeed Mohammadi saeedm BRK 2264 +1 765 49-43557 C5817 MN, VC

High-speed and low-power electronics, 3-D integration, nanotechnology, novel semiconductor devices, reconfigurable systems

Evgenii Narimanov evgenii Birck 1293 +1 765 49-41622 C6977 FO

Negative Index (Meta) materials, Optical systems with ray-chaotic dynamics, Information-theoretical description of nonlinear fiber-optical systems, Non-linear dynamics.

John A. Nyenhuis nyenhuis EE 264 +1 765 49-43524 C2512 FO

Magnetic materials, magnetic sensors, magnetics applied to biomedical engineering, electromagnetic calculations.

Chee-Mun Ong ong EE 135 +1 765 49-66162 C0774

Modeling, simulation, and control of electrical machines and power system,

Johnny Park jpark EE 254 1 765 49-42382 C7468 CE

Distributed sensor networks, computer vision, robotics, computer graphics.

Steven D. Pekarek spekarek WANG 2059 +1 765 49-43434 C6209

Analysis, design, and control of electric machines, power electronics, and power electronic based systems.

Dimitrios Peroulis dperouli WANG 3057 765 49-43491 C5989 FO

Microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits and antennas; RF MEMS (switches, varactors, inductors); novel architectures for multifunctional RF front-ends including tunable filters, antennas, matching networks and power amplifiers; high frequency 3D interconnects; nano-electro-mechanical resonators, RF/Bio sensors

Irith Pomeranz pomeranz MSEE 234 +1 765 49-43357 C5363

Test generation, design-for-testability, built-in self-test and diagnosis of integrated circuits.

Minghao Qi mqi BRK 1297 +1 765 49-43646 C6602 FO

Nanotechnology, especially 3D nanofabrication and low-cost nanolithography; micro and nanophotonics, with emphasis on 3D photonic crystals and integrated Si photonic circuits; thermophotovoltaics and solar cells

Anand Raghunathan araghu MSEE 348 49-43470 C7571 VC

System-on-chip (SoC) architecture and design methodologies, Application-specific and domain-specific VLSI processing architectures, Embedded systems, Low-power design, Information security and trust in embedded system and SoC design, Electronic design automation.

Vijay Raghunathan vr MSEE 224 +1 765 49-47392 C6978 CE, VC

Hardware and software architectures for embedded computing systems, system-on-chip design, and wireless sensor networks with an emphasis on low-power design, reliable system design, and environmental energy harvesting.

Sanjay Rao sanjay EE 322A +1 765 49-43399 C6397 CE

Computer Networking, Internet Architecture and Protocols, Software-Defined Networking, Cloud Computing, Smartphone Systems, Enterprise Networking

Kaushik Roy kaushik MSEE 230 +1 765 49-42361 C4186 CNSIP, VC

Low-power electronics, Scaled CMOS devices and circuits, Silicon and Non-Silicon Nanoelectronics, process variations and design with unreliable components, VLSI signal processing

Vladimir M. Shalaev shalaev BRK 2295 +1 765 49-49855 C5571 FO

Optical properties of nanostructured materials, nonlinear optics and spectroscopy, mesoscopic physics, quantum electronics and optoelectronics

Jeffrey M. Siskind qobi EE 313E +1 765 49-63197 C5644 CE

Artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computational linguistics, machine vision, programming languages, visual event perception, child language acquisition, optimizing compilers for mostly-functional programming languages, programming environments, robotics

M.J.T. Smith mjts YONG 168 +1 765 49-42604 C5868

Speech and image processing, filter banks and wavelets, and object detection and recognition

Scott D. Sudhoff sudhoff WANG 2057 +1 765 49-43246 C3751

Power electronics, electromechanical devices, power electronics based power distribution and propulsion systems, evolutionary optimization, power magnetics, applied control, marine engineering

Thomas M. Talavage tmt MSEE 362 +1 765 49-45475 C5018 CNSIP

Functional neuroimaging, statistical biomedical image and signal processing, signal detection, audition, speech, language comprehension, neural prostheses

Hong Z. Tan hongtan MSEE 272 +1 765 49-46416 C5017 CE

Haptic interfaces, distributed contact sensing, Haptic rendering, psychophysics

Mithuna S. Thottethodi mithuna EE 327 +1 765 49-66787 C5869 CE

Computer Architecture, Interconnection Networks, Distributed Systems

T. N. Vijaykumar vijay EE 320 +1 765 49-40592 C4884 CE

Computer architecture, VLSI microarchitectures, instruction level parallelism, processor and memory hierarchy hardware, compiler optimization

Chih-Chun Wang chihw MSEE 354 +1 765 49-45568 C6981 CNSIP

Coding theory, network coding, analysis of iterative decoding, information theory and optimal decision and control

Oleg Wasynczuk wasynczu WANG 2061 +1 765 49-43475 C2064

Power system dynamics control and modeling, electromechanical and solid state energy conversion

Kevin J. Webb webb EE 314 +1 765 49-43373 C3405 FO

Biophotonics, imaging, nanophotonics, metamaterials, electromagnetics, and solid state devices

Andrew M. Weiner amw MSEE 264 +1 765 49-45574 C3904 FO

Ultrafast optics, femtosecond pulse shaping, high-speed fiber communications, radio-frequency photonics, optical frequency combs

George R. Wodicka wodicka MJIS 3003B +1 765 49-42998 C3286

Biomedical acoustics, speech acoustics, acoustic modeling, biomedical signal processing, acoustic biosensors, medical instrumentation

Peide "Peter" Ye yep BRK 1291 1+ 765 49-47611 C6403 MN

Semiconductor physics and devices, Nano-structures and nano-fabrications, Quantum/spin-transport, Atomic layer deposition, High-k/III-V device integration, High-performance III-V MOSFETs, high-k/graphene integration, High-performance graphene FETs, Graphene spintronics

Stanislaw H. Zak zak MSEE 233B +1 765 49-46443 C2513 AC

Control, optimization, nonlinear systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic control

Babak Ziaie bziaie BRK 2023 +1 765 49-40725 C6404 MN

Biomedical micro and nanosystems, bioMEMS, implantable wireless microsystems, micro and nanofabrication technology, biomimetics, soft condensed matter, analog circuit design for biomedical applications

Michael D. Zoltowski mikedz MSEE 318 +1 765 49-43512 C2911 CNSIP

Wireless & mobile communication systems, smart antennas, space-time adaptive processing, multipath channel identification & equalization, interference suppression for TDMA and CDMA cellular systems, space-time coding, Jammer cancellation for GPS

Courtesy Appointments in ECE

Atallah, Mikhail           Bertino, Elisa          
Bhargava, Bharat     C2661       Bullock, Darcy          
Cheng, Ji-Xin           Chiu, George          
Comer, Douglas     C0544       Crawford, Melba          
Culurciello, Eugenio           Garner, Allen          
Garrison, James           Marinero, Ernesto          
Ouyang, Zheng           Pizlo, Zygmunt     C3779      
Ramani, Karthik           Rokhinson, Leonid          
Rundell, Ann           Spafford, Eugene H.          
Xu, Xianfan