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January 8, 2014

Software developer job opening at Oracle

Position Type: Administrative
Priority: No
Degree Requirement: MS

Job Description:
SPARC Random Instruction Stress Test Generator Developer

Group Name: Microelectronics-Processor Verification
Interviewing Manager: Pete Isberg
Email &   408-276-6373
Bldg/Office: SCA12-2438

Design and Develop software, including operating systems, languages and application tools for use in testing and verifying hardware designs. Develop languages, operating systems, and tools applied during systems verification of massively parallel processors.

Working independently or on a team to do Design, Development and Support of test generators used for verification of SPARC processors and systems. Writing and debugging code (high-level and assembly language). Support of pre-silicon (simulation) and post-silicon (bringup) users.

Strong communication skills. Experience in or talent for architectural verification techniques and tools. Strong knowledge of CPU architecture. Excellent software skills in C/C++/perl. Applicants should have knowledge of CPU and systems architecture, and experience in programming, including C or C++..

Knowledge of operating systems, device drivers or real-time systems. Experience with assembly language, experience with compiler techniques such as parsing.