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August 14, 2014

Opportunities with Intel Corporation

Position Type: Administrative
Priority: No

Greetings from Oregon!!  I hope this brief email finds you are doing very well!!


I obtained my PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue in 2013.  My employer, Intel Oregon is in the process of hiring well qualified candidates to help with the expanding charter to deliver process technology for mobile computing solutions.  Our fabs hire both masters and PhDs (preferred).  No nanofabrication experience is required for this job.  An eligible applicant must have graduated with master’s or PhD degrees in science or engineering within 18 months or will graduate within 6 months from today’s date.


I would like to see more boilermakers at Intel.  I am wondering would you please forward this email to the current master, PhD and post doctorate students and let them know about these great opportunities?  Anyone who is interested in this position is encouraged to contact me directly with a resume attached in the email.  I will be more than happy to provide more details and help with the application process.  Anyone who is interested but will graduate in more than 6 months (for example in a year) is encouraged to contact me in a few months.  Our fabs are expanding significantly and we have many openings to fill.



Rui Wu






Job Description: Defines roadmaps to meet requirements, goals and milestones for a new technology process. Defines and establishes flow, procedures, and equipment configuration for the module. Selects and develops material and equipment for the process to meet quality, reliability, cost, yield, productivity and manufacturability requirements. Plans and conducts experiments to fully characterize the process throughout the development cycle. Drives improvements on quality, reliability, cost, yield, process stability/capability, productivity and safety/ergonomic over variables such as material, method, equipment, environment and operating personnel. Develops solutions to problems utilizing formal education, statistical knowledge, and problem-solving tools. Establishes process control systems for the process module and sustains the module through volume ramp. Develops strategy to resolve difficult problems and establishes systems to deal with these problems in the future. Trains production/receiving process engineers for transfer to other factories. Transfers process to high volume manufacturing and provide support in new factory start-up as well as install and qualification of the new production lines.




Master or PhD in Electrical Engineering/Materials Science/Chemical Engineering/Chemistry with focus on hands on experimental research and demonstrated academic record of excellence

Must have graduated within 18 months or will graduate within 6 months from today's date

Demonstrated experience to rapidly analyze complex process issues and pursue a focused solution path

Demonstrated experience to summarize complex data sets for technical and nontechnical audiences

Must be comfortable working hands-on around technical equipment

Strong verbal and written communications skills

Strong preference given for candidates with peer-reviewed published papers




Hillsboro, Oregon