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September 26, 2017

Graduate RA position for Project on Dependability in Mobile Systems

Position Type: Administrative
Priority: No
Degree Requirement: BS, MS, PhD, Post Doctorate

Title: Graduate RA position for project on dependability in mobile systems
Faculty involved: Saurabh Bagchi (ECE), Chunyi Peng (CS)

We are seeking a graduate RA to work on dependability of mobile cellular systems. The project, funded by NSF, involves developing client applications, client device system software, and cellular system middleware to detect and deal with failures and congestion in the cellular network. The researcher will apply data analytic techniques at large scale on actual cellular network trace data to detect impending failures and estimate possible mitigations.

- PhD student in ECE (CE, VLSI, CNSIP) or CS; highly qualified MS (thesis) students will also be considered
- Necessary knowledge/skills: Computer networks, system building skills (Python, Java, C), some basic exposure to ML techniques
- Desired knowledge/skills: Cellular network protocols, streaming audio/video protocols

The interested student is asked to submit an inquiry over email to the two professors with the following information (put the title in the email subject):
1) Department, MS/PhD, Year of graduate study
2) Proficiency level in the knowledge/skills mentioned above (high/medium/low)
3) Any prior research experience - mention publications (if any), time period, and supervisor
4) Grades in programming/algorithms/systems classes at Purdue along with when taken
5) CV in pdf format

Qualified students will be interviewed and given a short project task before being hired.