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October 12, 2017

Applications to be a Summer Residential Instructor at Purdue's Gifted Education Resource Institute due October 16

Position Type: Administrative
Priority: No
Degree Requirement: BS, MS, PhD, Post Doctorate

ECE graduate students are invited to consider teaching for Purdue’s Gifted Education Resource Institute next summer as a Summer Residential instructor. They are seeking quality educators with experience in the STEM fields and/or the humanities to design their own course and share their expertise with our students. Teachers who participate in our camp encounter some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of their careers. Their students rank in the top five to ten percent of their age group nationally, and are highly motivated to explore an area of personal interest. These 5th-12th grade students can typically master material two to three years above grade level and require accelerated or enriched learning opportunities in order to meet their full potential. The courses they offer are designed to accomplish the following:

• Expose students to new areas of study and career possibilities
• Present new materials at an appropriately accelerated pace,
• Develop independent or self-directed study skills,
• Promote advanced thinking skills, and
• Engage students in high-level projects and experiments.

If you are interested in the opportunity to interact with high-ability students, please complete the attached teacher application and course proposal form. The deadline for proposing a course for Summer Residential is Monday, October 16, 2017. Please return the completed forms either to Beering Hall room 5115 or via email to If you are new to our program, they will schedule an interview with you prior to making a decision, as well as contact your references.