March 4, 2019

R&D Electrical Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories

Position Type: Research
Priority: No
Degree Requirement: BS, MS
Location: Albuquerque, NM; Livermore, CA; other US sites
Full Time, Regular
What Your Job Will Be Like Are you passionate about research and development that supports high impact national security missions? Do you dream of advancing the state of the art in support of national security objectives? If so, you will want to apply for this opportunity to join a team of top creative thinkers in applying electrical engineering skills to help secure our nation.
As part of this diverse multidisciplinary team, you will work alongside world-class authorities and emerging leaders and use your skills in any of the following:
•Antenna design
•Communication, control, and data acquisition systems
•Component/system electrical design (hardware,firmware, and software)
•Data capture and analytics
•Digital signal processing and high-speed digital design
•Electrical breakdown
•Electromagnetics theory, analysis, and experimentation
•Embedded systems, including ASIC, PLA and FPGA
•High-performance computing and algorithm development
•Microelectronics/silicon fabrication and design including MEMS/LIGA, CMOS
•Modeling, simulation, and visualization of electrical systems and phenomenon
•Nanophotonic design & characterization
•Power systems and electronics
•Pulsed power and directed energy
•Radiation effects
•Verification & Validation techniques
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