February 22, 2019

ASSIA Communication Systems Expert Job Openings

Position Type: Professional
Priority: No
Degree Requirement: MS, PhD

ASSIA Communication Systems Expert Openings

ASSIA software solutions, algorithms, and innovations enable reliably fast broadband and Wi-Fi internet connectivity to consumers everywhere.   ASSIA’s systems are used by roughly 40 internet service providers globally in more than 100 million homes every day.   The present opening regards use of data sciences and optimization technologies in Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity to advance ASSIA’s Cloudcheck software management solution.  The position also involves use of learning algorithms to assess consumer Wi-Fi related issues and consequent Quality of Internet Experience.

ASSIA System Experts create and use next generation Wi-Fi and 5G technologies in radio resource management, mesh networking, and connectivity management.  These systems experts help lead a global group develop products in these areas.   System Experts will have an opportunity to make a significant impact at a fast growing company  (www.assia-inc.com)


Create and develop optimization and diagnostics algorithms for Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Analyze big data collected from large Wi-Fi networks and mobile devices using machine learning

Analyze physical, link, and network layer performance

Work with large broadband/Wi-Fi service providers, and present the results based on the field data.


Desired Experience and Qualifications include some of:

Knowledge of 802.11 transmission layer systems and management protocols 

Experience in machine learning and big data tools

Experience in network management systems is highly desirable

Experience in cellular wireless technologies is a plus Experience or familiarity with standards is a plus

MS or (preferred) PhD degree in EE/CS or related field


Additional desired skills or ability to learn:

programming (JAVA and C++ preferred)

Familiarity with Unix environment and scripting tools - Python

Database skills including big data techniques like Map/Reduce

Work equally well with people in technical, executive, and sales roles

Good oral and written communication and interpersonal skills; able to build trusting relationships within a diverse team and across global organizations


Interested students should send a cover letter and resume to Steve Sposato at ssposato@purdue.edu 

Students can also contact: John Cioffi  at  jcioffi@assia-inc.com  (cioffi@stanford.edu also ok)  or careers@assia-inc.com