Graduate Admission for Masters and Ph.D. Degrees

Reapplication Procedures

Students who have been denied admission or whose application was incomplete may reapply according to the following procedures:

  • New On-Line Grad Application
  • New statement of purpose
  • 2 (two) copies of official transcripts from all universities attended since your last application submission.
  • The Graduate Office can reuse transcripts from previous applications less than one year old. You must email immediately upon submitting the new application so the previously submitted transcripts can be matched to the new application.
  • 3 (three) new recommendation letters.


Please note:

  • Previous admission does not guarantee future entrance into the ECE department
  • Previously denied applicants have only a very slight chance of a positive decision


Deferment of Admission Enrollment Date

Students who have been admitted into the School of ECE may request to defer their enrollment semester according to the following procedures:

Approval Process: