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Graduate Admission for Masters and Ph.D. Degrees

Reapplication Procedures

Students who have been denied admission or whose application was incomplete may reapply for future semesters by completing a new, complete, Graduate School application.

Please note:

  • Previous admission does not guarantee future entrance into the ECE department
  • Previously denied applicants have only a very slight chance of a positive decision


Deferment of Admission Enrollment Date

Students who have been admitted into the School of ECE may request to defer their enrollment semester according to the following procedures:

  • Only One deferral Request per application
  • Defer only up to one year
  • Send a letter or e-mail to the Admissions Representative explaining why you need to defer your admission.
  • If you have been offered funding, your funding may not be guaranteed with your deferral

Approval Process:

  • The Director of Graduate Admissions will review your request and your file.
  • Upon approval your request to defer will then be forwarded to the Graduate School for official approval.
  • If granted deferment, you will receive a letter from the Graduate School.