New Collaborative Computing Laboratories

New instructional computing labs are being created in EE206 as a replacement for the Linux computing labs currently located in EE306 and will be online in the fall of 2011. In addition, EE208 and EE209 are being remodeled and equipped to serve as help rooms for selected courses.

Two overarching goals of the new laboratories are:

  1. To facilitate both traditional and non-traditional laboratory instruction styles for individual and team based work.
  2. To provide an attractive and comfortable environment that students will want to use for both individual and collaborative work at any time of the day or week.

The new facility will include two Linux computing laboratories. One lab will be designed to support collaboration and interactive presentations. Features of this laboratory will include a dual data projection system, extensive whiteboard space, hexagonal tables and workstation clusters, extra outlets at each station for laptop use, and additional casual non-computer seating. The other lab will be designed in a more traditional classroom style to support group instruction and individual laboratory work. Features of this lab will include workstations which allow one to lower monitors when not needed to free up table space, outlets for laptops, a data projection system, extra white board space for student use, and a small amount of non-workstation seating.

The images and plans below can also be seen in the display cases next to EE129.


"Before" photos and floor plans

During construction photos

UPDATE: The construction is finished and the new Collaborative Computing Labs are now open for students to use!

Finished lab photos