How Support is Used

There are many ways your support can help ECE continue to provide a high-quality education. The following options (in no particular order) represent some of our most pressing challenges.


Space is currently a critical issue for ECE. As our enrollment has grown, so has the need for adequate classrooms and instructional labs. Research laboratories also need updated and renovated as new technologies emerge. And improvements are needed in rooms used by students for group study sessions, student organization meetings, and guest speakers.

Graduate Fellowships & Undergraduate Scholarships

These awards help attract the most promising students to ECE. Competition for the brightest undergraduate and graduate prospects is intense, and merit-based awards help bring some of the best students in the world to Purdue. These awards can also be need-based, helping defray educational costs for qualified students with significant financial need.

Faculty Research & Recruitment

Support directed toward ECE’s faculty can help offset the start-up costs for a new faculty member’s research projects or help share the costs of new projects initiated by current faculty. Support here also creates learning opportunities for students since faculty frequently employ a number of research assistants. Other students benefit here as well, since the outcomes of faculty research makes its way directly to the classroom. Attracting and retaining outstanding faculty is vital to ECE’s continued success since professors who are highly recognized in their field can easily be lured to other institutions or the industrial sector.


One way to create a lasting legacy of support to ECE is by creating an endowment or contributing to an existing endowment. In an endowment, the principle gift is invested and a proportion of the interest generated annually from the gift is allocated to the cause for which the endowment was established. The remaining interest income is reinvested allowing the endowment to grow. ECE alumni have established endowments to help fund a variety of causes including undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, faculty research, purchases of new equipment, and building projects.

Unrestricted Giving

A continuous challenge to ECE is having the resources available to respond quickly to changing needs. The flexibility provided by an unrestricted gift allows ECE to take advantage of opportunities that will help keep the school among the country’s best.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (765) 494-3441.