Winter 2010 Newsletter

Message from the President

Another year has arrived, and we are continuing the new direction we started in 2009, which was to get focused and execute on three key initiatives. Both our vision and mission follow along with the Purdue Alumni Association. Our vision is: A growing global network of Purdue engineering alumni actively engaged in increasing the impact of a Purdue engineering degree. Our mission is tied to that, Make Friends for Purdue by: 1. raising awareness of the EAA, and 2. facilitate growing interaction amongst alumni, faculty, and future engineers.

Dave Schaller, Future and Current Students Lead, has worked closely with the Engineering Recruitment Office. Part of Dave’s role is to be able to provide a presentation, script, and materials for other Purdue alumni to represent Purdue at high school recruitment fairs. He represented Purdue at a college fair in northern Ohio, where he met with several perspectives and one admitted Purdue student. Dave has a very unique quality, he is a Purdue graduate, and both of his children are attending Purdue. You will be hearing much more from his work here and several opportunities in the coming year.

Our Alumni Engagement Lead, Steve Baranyk, has recruited seven alumni from throughout the United States who are interested in helping further the Purdue cause. An issue we are tackling is being able to provide activities for folks that are not only scattered throughout the US, but also overseas. Steve will be working closely with various Purdue initiatives to ensure we get our interested alumni engaged.

Nate Yoder is working with both Steve Baranyk and the Development Officers of the different schools of engineering to understand their needs and how we can help meet them. Nate is putting together a list of possibilities including, alumni hosting field trips

Another area we are striving to improve is our website, Vice President Nathan Uldricks has spearheaded this initiative to bring us into the 21st century. He has added an alumni blog with posts on interesting topics: the current auto industry, leadership development programs, changes at Purdue, and pursuing a PhD while working full time and having a family. Nathan has also added a fan page for Engineering Alumni on Facebook.

We see a real need to have a current engineering student on the board, one that will be graduating and will have a foothold. Nathan has developed an application process and we will begin taking applications in the spring.

One additional area of focus for us is to simply get the word out that Purdue has an Engineering Alumni Association. We wanted to think big, so we produced a video with very fond memories for folks graduating from all decades at Purdue! It has been posted on both our website and YouTube. We are currently promoting the video with other Purdue agencies to air on Boiler TV and any other venue it can be used.

Our partnership with the Dean’s office in the area of recruitment activities, as well as other upcoming events for 2010, will continue. In 2009 we began to overcome the challenge of figuring out how we fit with Purdue and execute initiatives that would serve our alma mater. We have been deliberate and cautious in our pursuit of making our presence known for Purdue. We have great momentum that will continue in 2010 and beyond.

Hail Purdue!

Elizabeth M. Sickels
Purdue Engineering Alumni Association Board

Recruiters Corner

David Bowker

The Fall of 2009 we welcomed a First-Year engineering class of 1660 beginners. In part due to increasing retention rates, the College of Engineering’s undergraduate enrollment is over 7000 strong, the largest it has been in the past 20 years. Even given the current economy, The Purdue engineering degree is still considered a very high value. Smartmoney Magazine recently ranked Purdue University 9th on “payback” of degree.

We have seen a slight decline in out of state students but increases in international student beginners. The quality of our students continues to be very high (see list below). The College of Engineering is working very hard to attract a diverse and well prepared student body. This spring we will be piloting admitted students receptions/parties with alumni in Fort Wayne, Cincinnati and Houston. We hope to be coming to your town in the future!!

This year there have only been minor changes to the admissions process compared to last year. Close to 3900 students were admitted on December 11th, the first release date and the process appears to be running smoothly. One difference this year is that students can no longer select an alternative major on the application.

However, good students who are denied because they applied for highly competitive programs are being offered other opportunities at Purdue. These students are notified and encouraged to call admissions to discuss their options.

If students are interested in another program as recommended by the Admission Committee, they can be admitted without further evaluation. If they would prefer a major that is not among those recommended by the Admissions Committee, they are able to request a different program and their application will be re-evaluated. This should allow us to provide better counsel to those who are truly interested in another major.

2009 First-Year Engineers statistics

Middle 50 percentile range SAT 1720-2010
Middle 50 percent range ACT composite 26-31
Middle 50 percent range GPA 3.4-3.8
On average in top 13 percent of high school class

David T. Bowker
Dir. of Undergraduate Engineering Recruitment

Up Close: Students

Sara Baird
Sara Baird, BSIE 2010

PEAA: Where are you from?
Sara Baird: I am from Auburn, IN which is in the northeast corner, home of the Auburn, Cord, and Duesenburg. I have lived there my entire life.

PEAA: What is your major?
SB: Industrial Engineering

PEAA: What are your hobbies/interests?
SB: I enjoy arts and crafts. I am taking a ceramics class right now, and I really enjoy it.  One thing that I will miss the most about Purdue is playing intramural flag football. That has been one of my favorite things to do at Purdue. I enjoy trying new things. I have been skydiving twice, and I am taking a trip around Europe when I graduate (I have currently never been out of the country). I have recently become a big fan of Sushi as well!

PEAA: What do you hope to do once you graduate?
SB: I have already accepted an offer with Nestle! I am doing their Operational Management Trainee Program which is a five year rotational program. I am very excited to join the Nestle team.

PEAA: Tell me how you spent your summer.
SB: I was very excited last spring when I accepted an internship with Nestle. I was not as excited when I found out my location was Waverly, IA which has a population of about 9,000 people! It ended up being an amazing experience; I worked with a great team and gained a great experience. I worked in one of Nestle's beverage plants in the Quality Department. I worked on reducing overfill and training operators of how to take proper weights. While working at Nestle I was definitely challenged, and I am always up for a challenge. My greatest take a way from last summer was “Learning how to learn.”

PEAA: Tell me about your current involvement on Purdue’s campus.
SB: One thing that I always tell underclassman is to get involved! I have gained so many friendships, built networks, and given back to Purdue and the community through my involvement on campus. I just ended my term as the President of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. I have lived in Twin Pines Cooperative House for three years. I am a Mentor For Women in Engineering, and an Industrial Engineering Ambassador.

Class of 2010: become a member of the EAA Board of Directors

The Purdue Engineering Alumni Association (PEAA) is looking for one exceptional Boilermaker committed to contribute to the continued success of Purdue and the College of Engineering, and dedicated to serving Purdue Engineering alumni around the world.  This individual represents the College of Engineering Class of 2010, and all young Engineering alumni, by serving on the PEAA Board of Directors. Eligibility to apply is limited to August 2009, December 2009, and May 2010 College of Engineering graduates.

The Board of Directors is the official governing body of the PEAA. It is comprised of alumni throughout the country who convene twice a year to discuss and act on issues that have a direct effect on the Purdue Engineering Alumni Association, the University, and its alumni. 

If you're interested in having a voice in decisions that impact you and other alumni, you're willing to fulfill a two or three-year commitment as a member of the Board of Directors, and you love Purdue, please fill out our online application

The commitment to the PEAA Board of Directors includes monthly teleconferences and 2 on-campus meetings per year.  The Board will provide lodging and two meals during on-campus meetings, but board members are responsible for arranging and paying for their own transportation to campus.  On-campus meetings are currently scheduled on Fridays, with additional activities occurring on Thursdays, if necessary. 

Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 2, 2010. Interviews will be held on Friday, April 23, 2010, the date of our spring board meeting.

Contact Missy Davies at 765-496-6929 or with any questions.

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