Summer 2009 Newsletter

Message from the EAA President

Summer is here and we want to congratulate the Engineering Class of 2009. Whether you are pursuing further education, starting your career, or just taking it easy for a while, we wish you the best.

I have been amazed what the Purdue Engineering degree has done for my career. Purdue Engineers have an outstanding reputation. I am thankful to all of the former graduates who have paved the road for us and to the new graduates who are continuing our tradition as world-class engineers. Congratulations to the Purdue Class of 2009 and welcome to the Purdue Engineering Alumni Association (EAA) family!

Due to board terms being up as well as new family initiatives and those pursing further education, we saw a large turnover for our board this spring. The past two years have been successful due to the hard work and commitment of each of the Board members. The entire board would like to thank former President Vivek Thakkar (BS ECE ‘01), Beth Holloway (BS ME ’92, MS ME ’97), David (Dave) Henry (BS ChE ’89), Michael Constant (BS ECE ’05) and Matthew (Matt) Waninger (BS EE ’89, MS EE ’94, PhD EE ’98) for their contributions and service to EAA. They have provided a solid foundation for us to work off of and continue for the success of EAA.

We are welcoming new members to the Board, Bob Parrin (BS ME ‘72), Nathan (Nate) Yoder (BS MSE ’02), Steve Baranyk (BS ME ’62) and David A. Schaller (BS EE ’82). We have taken this as an opportunity to refocus and get down to the core of the Purdue Engineering degree. At our on campus board meeting in April we took a hard look at our vision, mission, and goals. We met with Dean Jamieson to understand better the outlook for Purdue Engineering and how we could better align to meet the needs of the university. We that, our revised vision is “A growing global network of Purdue Engineering Alumni actively engaged in increasing the impact of a Purdue Engineering degree.” Our mission is “Make friends for Purdue by:

  • Raising awareness of the EAA
  • Facilitate growing interaction amongst alumni, faculty, and future engineers”

We have changed the board structure to reflect revised vision, mission and goals, removing positions and adding the following, Faculty Engagement Lead, Current and Future Student Engagement Lead, and Alumni Engagement. We will have more activities for alumni to become involved in these three targeted areas as we move forward. I hope you will take advantage of the new opportunities being presented by EAA to further the Purdue Engineering degree in every way. 

I want to say a very special thank you to our founding member and former President Gbile Adewunmi, and former President Vivek Thakkar for the leadership they have provided. As well to Kim Muldoon and especially Missy Davies our Purdue staff liasion that keep us on track and do all of the behind the scenes work for the board.

Boiler up!

Elizabeth M. Sickels
Engineering Alumni Association, President

Up Close: Alumni

EAA Board Member Profiles: Joshua Morris and Christina Dooley.

Photo of Joshua

Joshua Morris

Employer:  Commonwealth Engineers, Inc.
Job title:  Design Engineer
Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana
Hobbies:  Golf, my great pyrenees dog, traveling, being outdoors,
Purdue activities as a student: Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity, Dean of Engineering Student Advisory Council (DESAC)
Purdue-related activities: Engineering Alumni Association, football games, Fraternity Alumni Corporation Board
Comments regarding EAA, serving on the board, PAA involvement, etc:  Being on the EAA board has allowed me the opportunity to give back to Purdue in a way that not all graduates get to experience. It has allowed me to learn more about the engineering program at Purdue and about what makes it special. I think that everyone who enjoyed their time at Purdue should be willing to volunteer in some capacity to make sure that future generations have the same opportunity to enjoy every experience that Purdue has to offer.


Photo of Christina

Christina Dooley

Employer:  Procter & Gamble
Job Title:  R&D Product Development, Senior Engineer
Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Hobbies:  watching and playing sports, taking pictures/scrapbooking
Purdue activities as a student:  Zeta Tau Alpha, WIEP Mentor/Mentees Program, and Engineering 104 Mentor
Purdue-related activities:  EAA Board, Purdue Student Recruitment for P&G

Changes to the Purdue Undergraduate Admissions Process

University Officials have made significant changes to the undergraduate admissions process for students who apply to Purdue for 2009 enrollment: deadlines have been changed, required personal statements have been added to the application process, scholarship deadlines have been changed, and the release date for admission decisions has been moved from September to December.

Additions to the admissions application include a required personal statement, dedicated space for students to list their activities, honors, and accomplishments. It also includes questions regarding previous criminal offenses or academic misconduct. The personal essay of 500 words or less gives students the option to address one of three topics: how a college education will help them achieve personal or professional goals; how they used and learned from someone’s advice; or how they reacted to and learned from a setback in their life.

Students who apply online for 2009 will benefit from multiple advantages. Applying online will expedite the application process, will allow applicants to confirm their application is complete, and will allow them to check for an admission decision as soon as they are made available.

Purdue traditionally has notified students of their acceptance within about two weeks of receiving their application.  In the new application process, all applications will be held until early December, when the first set of admissions decisions will be available.  Moving the release date to December will allow admissions personnel to evaluate a larger pool of applications prior to releasing decisions. After the initial release date, Purdue will return to its traditional rolling admissions practices.  The new deadlines and application procedures will allow Purdue the opportunity to look beyond the numbers when considering applicants.

For specific information about deadlines and processes for 2009 Applicants, visit:

Up Close: Students

Ryan Tuscher

Photo of RyanWhere are you from? 

I'm from the southside of Chicago, a town called Lemont. I was born and raised never more than an hour away from the city. 

What are you hobbies/interests?

  • Health and fitness is one of my number one hobbies. I try to work out every day, cardio and lifting.
  • Sports cars are also an interest of mine. My hope is to someday own my own exotic car dealership or museum. There's art in most automobiles.
  • Interesting people also intrigue me. I like to listen to problems, help with homework, etc. 

What is your major?

Industrial Engineering

What do you hope to do once you graduate?

First and foremost, find a job to payoff my Purdue tab! Looking for a company with a culture embedded in continuous improvement, leadership and internal advancement opportunities, and where my skill set as an Industrial Engineering can help leverage the company across all lines of business. I'm currently seeking opportunities in consulting based business. 

Tell me how you are spending your summer, specifically about your Disney internship.

Last semester I was daunted with the task of figuring out the most optimal location to place Santa during the holiday season. This summer, it's re-evaluating security measures at one of our parks. The list of exciting work is endless.

At a high level, I'm currently supporting Walt Disney World Security Operations from an Industrial Engineering perspective. My work is confidential, but I can say I've brought statistical analysis tools, queuing theory, labor scheduling, and operational recommendations, to name a few, to the their decision-making process.      

I would have never dreamed of applying science to some of the projects I've worked on here at Walt Disney World. I have the opportunity of working with some of the most intelligent professionals in the field today, on some of the most state-of-the-art processes in the world. It's really hard not to feel passionate about the product working at the "Happiest Place on Earth."

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