May 2004 Newsletter

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From the Dean Dean Katehi

As the academic year comes to a close, spring commencement marks an exciting new stage in the lives of 1,163 engineers who can now claim the status of Purdue alumni. To all our new alumni: I'm delighted to welcome you into our fold and to see where your creativity and drive will take you over the course of your careers.

I'd also like to note just a sampling of what Purdue Engineering has accomplished over the past many months. It's been an incredibly productive year.

  • We've targeted four strategic areas of focus that will guide our future work: (1) Maintaining the quality of undergraduate education, (2) improving the quality of our faculty and graduate students, (3) improving the visibility of our research, and (4) improving our infrastructure.
  • We've seen great progress on our Master Facilities Plan, with the Chemical Engineering addition nearly complete, the dedication of the Bowen Lab, the ground-breaking for the Biomedical Engineering Building, and approval secured for the Millennium Engineering Building.
  • We've seen our U.S. News graduate school ranking advance from #9 to #8.
  • We've created a brand-new Department of Engineering Education that combines our Freshman Engineering program and our Interdisciplinary Engineering program and that gives us a tremendous base for expanding our efforts in undergraduate education.
  • And we've changed our name from "Schools of Engineering" to "College of Engineering," reflecting our academic programs' unity in moving together toward preeminence.

What these examples, and countless others, add up to is a College of Engineering that's working hard—and successfully—toward our goal of preeminence. That work, of course, isn't limited to faculty and staff. Your support, your insights, and your participation are crucial to our success.

I thank you for all that you've done for Purdue Engineering, and I encourage you to get back to campus to see for yourself the changes that are taking place.

Linda P.B. Katehi

E-Mail Forwarding Available, "Opt Out" Process Under Way for Purdue E-Alumni Services

Brought to you by Purdue University and the Purdue Alumni Association, a new, interactive online site offering e-services to alumni and friends will be phased in over the next several months, allowing you and other alumni and friends of the university to keep in touch with the Purdue family--friends, faculty and staff, and fellow alumni. Features will include an online alumni directory, a career section, and e-mail forwarding.

Review Your Data for the Directory
As an alum, you can edit the information about yourself that will appear in the directory--or opt out of the directly entirely--starting the week of June 7. Go to and look under "My Profile" to see what information Purdue currently has in its database. See "My Options" to control what information will appear in the alumni directory or to opt out.

Sign Up for E-Mail Forwarding
Available now for 2004 alums, and on June 7 for all other Purdue graduates, e-mail forwarding is a service that sends your e-mail to an outside provider of your choice. It's not an e-mail account or a continuation of the account that currently enrolled students use. Through e-mail forwarding, you may choose an e-mail address having the extension, an address that you can keep throughout your life and share with friends and family. When they send e-mail to your Purdue address, Purdue will automatically forward it to whatever provider you're using.

For more information on Purdue E-Alumni Services, go to

Signature Area Feature: Global Sustainable Industrial Systems

Global Sustainable Industrial Systems
Solar Power: Bill Hutzel, an associate professor in mechanical engineering technology, discusses solar power on top of Knoy Hall of Technology with undergraduates Darryl Carstensen, civil engineering, and Keith Gossman, electrical and computer engineering and political science.

Global Sustainable Industrial Systems (GSIS) considers the ecological impact of everything that keeps industrialized nations running. The utilization of fossil energy, production of food, acquisition of raw materials, and human transformation of about 25 percent of the earth's land surface have global consequences. By developing eco-friendly products, assessing and monitoring their environmental impact, and getting businesses to consider global ecological consequences, Purdue expects the GSIS signature area to contribute to a secure and prosperous future. GSIS encompasses three subareas:

  • Sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing Systems, which has its base in the Sustainable Systems Engineering Laboratory. This multidisciplinary team's research may significantly increase plastics-to-plastics recycling.
  • Ecosystems Monitoring, Modeling, and Assessment (EMMA), which integrates ideas from the first subarea with engineered environments and managed ecosystems. The monitoring, assessment, modeling, and management are tasks fraught with considerable uncertainty and significant difficulties; EMMA adds a new set of constraints to engineering design, development, and processes.
  • Policy Architecture and Financial Engineering, which provides a critical link between the institutional control of governments and economic markets and the desired outcome of ecological sustainability.

The distribution of existing GSIS expertise and momentum in industrial engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and agricultural and biological engineering is significant. On campus, a large interdisciplinary group of faculty with expertise in ecological science and engineering spans engineering and the natural and social sciences. The engineering faculty within GSIS will work with other groups at Purdue to develop other signature areas to address related issues.


June 2004

Engineering Alumni Event
San Diego, CA
Date, further details TBA

July 12-15, 2004

17th Int'l Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue
Herrick Laboratories, 765-494-6078

July 24, 2004

Campaign Regional Event
Chicago, IL
Time and location to be announced

August 18, 2004

Purdue Day at the Indiana State Fair
State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis
Time to be announced

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