Growing a global network of Purdue Engineering Alumni

Author: Elizabeth M. Sickels, current board president, MSE '02
Fall is finally here, and we are not only excited about our Boilermaker football team, but the momentum we’re building for the Purdue Engineering Alumni Association. We decided to take a new approach this year, get focused and execute on our key initiatives. The first step was to define our vision and mission. Our vision is: A growing global network of Purdue engineering alumni actively engaged in increasing the impact of a Purdue engineering degree. Our mission is tied to that, Make Friends for Purdue by: 1. Raising awareness of the EAA and 2. Facilitate growing interaction amongst alumni, faculty, and future engineers.

Elizabeth M. Sickels The vision and mission required a restructure of the board, implementing an Alumni Engagement Lead (Steve Baranyk, BS ME 1962), Faculty Engagement Lead (Nate Yoder, BS MSE 2002), and Future and Current Students Lead (Dave Schaller, BS EE 1982).  Steve, as the Alumni Lead is charged with having activities for alumni to get involved in specifically related to the Schools of Engineering.  On Monday, a letter will go out via email to alumni on five different areas they can participate in to foster growth for future students, themselves and Purdue.  Nate has been doing background work to facilitate connections with engineering departments, as his tasked with building a relationship with the board and the engineering departments, finding areas we can help the departments grow.  We are also offering financial support to all of the engineering departments for relevant activities.  Dave Schaller works closely with the engineering recruitment office, in high school recruitment activities.

We have partnered with the Dean’s office in additional recruitment activities for this year, the events at Washington DC and Los Angeles.  The Board is very excited to be apart of this unique opportunity and continue to build our relationship in growing Purdue with the Dean.

One additional area of focus for us is to get the word out the Purdue has an Engineering Alumni Association.  We wanted to think big, and have decided to produce a video that will be posted to You Tube.  The video is based on the numerous changes at Purdue over the decades, calling attention to past traditions and things that were.  We will be filming the majority of the video during homecoming weekend.  The link will be posted to our website as soon as the video is available, please do check it out, you will find many humorous references whether you graduated 2 years ago or 50 years ago.

Hail Purdue!

Elizabeth M. Sickels
Purdue Engineering Alumni Association Board