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Purdue Alum Scott Tingle
December 14, 2017
by Lisa Moyer

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High School Students-Purdue is for you!
May 11, 2016
by Cindy Humphrey

It is an exciting time of year! Many high school students have received their acceptance letters from Purdue and now they have to decide...

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EAA Board Honors Two College of Engineering Alumni
November 18, 2015

The Purdue Engineering Alumni Association Board are proud to recognize the Young Alumni Award to Lisa Wichmann(BSME ’05) and the Loyalty Award to James Overman(BSME ’80).

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International Women's Day Speech - Linda Murphy, BSCE '82 gave this speech in 2012 while deployed in Afghanistan
August 28, 2013

Good afternoon, my name is Linda Murphy and I am the Chief of the Water and Infrastructure Project Management Branch with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. I graduated from Purdue University – in my mind just a few years ago – some people would probably say many years ago – I graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. I have worked for the Army Corps of Engineers for over 33 years, all of them with the Louisville District in Louisville, Kentucky. This is my first deployment and the reason being is that for the last 24 years my main mission has been taking care of the 2 most important women in my life – my daughters. Like any mother, I have made sure that they have had what we in America believe are the basic necessities – food, water, medical treatment and assistance, security, an education; all of which (although we do not think about it) are supplemented by a reliable power system. Now that I have gotten my daughters off to college as fairly self-sufficient women, I decided to deploy to hopefully provide some of this same type of assistance to the women and men of the coalition forces and particularly to the women and men of Afghanistan. So I forfeited my designer suits and 3-inch stiletto heels for these lovely sand-colored uniforms and these Beverly Hillbilly type of steel-toed boots. And I am very proud and honored to be here this afternoon representing the women of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

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The Road to Academic Research: Weighing PhD Opportunities
August 01, 2011
by Stuart J. Williams, Ph.D. ME 2009

My career path from engineering student, to graduate student, then currently to my position as an Assistant Professor was never clearly defined nor straightforward, yet the end goal was always in sight. It started when I conducted my undergraduate co-op at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM) in the field of microsensors. This occurred shortly after 9/11 and our group was thrust into explosive and chemical detection sensoning techniques. About every professional around me had a Ph.D. and I knew that if I wanted to continue to work in cutting-edge research I had to obtain an advanced degree.

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Purdue Alumni Student Experience
June 08, 2011
by Paul Braham, NE 2012

Purdue offers so many opportunities for students to get involved on campus, boasting more than 900 student organizations from which anyone can choose to take part. Many organizations attract students from very specific majors or interests, while some offer membership that appeals to a wide variety of backgrounds. In 2005, under the direction of the Purdue Alumni Association, a student group called the Purdue Alumni Student Experience (PASE) was formed. PASE is the ubiquitous student group on campus - it is everywhere, in all months of the year. When itʼs warm enough outside, I see PASE tshirts literally every day, and when the temperatures dip, our four-year members don their PASE fleece jackets en masse. With over 2800 members, PASE offers benefits to more members than any student organization on campus.

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Mobility in the Balance
May 19, 2011
by Phillip Cherry, BSCE 2010

The movement of people and goods has always been essential to maintaining the nation’s economy; however, current forces and trends may limit the continuity of our mobility and the benefits associated with it.  Much of the nation’s infrastructure, especially bridges, is now well past its design life.  Funding the replacement of these facilities will require a concerted effort, as, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, 1.6 trillion dollars is needed to fully update the nation’s infrastructure.  If facilities are not updated soon, some bridge crossings may need to be closed due to safety concerns, resulting in significant impacts on both regional and local economies, as some closures would require detours resulting in increased fuel consumption and loss of productivity.

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Going into sales with a Purdue Engineering degree.
February 09, 2011
by Timothy Dres, BSME 2006. Sales Engineer, Carrier Corporation (a United Technologies subsidiary)

There are many degrees that you can get from a university, but there aren’t many as versatile as an engineering degree from Purdue University. When I started the engineering program at Purdue I assumed I would end up in the auto industry, or maybe I would use my degree to design new technologies or improve existing ones. However, as I took more classes I was convinced that design was not the right path for me. I began to doubt my choice to get an engineering degree because I wanted to do something that was more social and more business-oriented (I was even minoring in psychology because I found these classes to be very interesting). Then I discovered engineering sales.

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What does an engineering degree from Purdue mean to you?
February 07, 2011
by Paul Branham, Student, Purdue University, Nuclear Engineering

Despite growing up a thousand miles from West Lafayette, I was raised a Boilermaker, my father being a Purdue pharmacy alumnus. I always had plans to attend Purdue when the time to attend college finally came. I never bothered to apply or visit anywhere else. I was fortunate in that regard - I always knew exactly where I was going and where I wanted to receive my education. I had no clue what I wanted to study until I was nearly done with high school, but once I made up my mind, I never looked back.

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Varied and Unique Experiences Offered Through a Rotational Program
October 22, 2010
by Dana Newell, BS IE ’07, Whirlpool GSCLDP--Material Supervisor, Whirlpool Corporation

Thinking back on the decision for post-graduation plans I am baffled by the amount of pressure placed on a twenty-something year old. Pick an employer, a job, and a career path…goodness, we were only legally able to vote a few years earlier!Thinking back on the decision for post-graduation plans I am baffled by the amount of pressure placed on a twenty-something year old. Pick an employer, a job, and a career path…goodness, we were only legally able to vote a few years earlier!

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