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Demand-Limiting Assessment Tool
(for Small Commercial Buildings)


Version 1.07, 8/2010

The Demand-Limiting Assessment Tool (DLAT) evaluates the peak demand reduction, utility cost savings, and comfort impacts associated with the use of building thermal mass for precooling and demand limiting for a limited number of prototypical small commercial buildings. The program performs hourly calculations with fairly detailed models of the buildings and equipment . The tool is geared towards potential end users to allow a quick assessment of the potential for this technology with a minimum number of user inputs. Although there are many parameters that are employed to model the building system, only the most important parameters for the assessment are incorporated in the user interface:

  • building type and size
  • location
  • occupancy schedule
  • utility rates
  • equipment type and efficiency
  • demand-limiting control parameters

The magnitudes of the loads and costs from this program could differ significantly from actual values for a particular building due to differences in building specification, equipment characteristics, specific yearly weather conditions, actual occupancy, etc. However, it is expected that the relative demand reduction, cost savings, and comfort impacts associated with the alternative control strategies would be similar for similar building types.

Graphical Interface

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