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08/05/2017: Islam Ali graduated with PhD degree.

08/05/2017: Mohammad Moshref-Javadi graduated with PhD degree.

07/27/2017: Mohammad Moshref-Javadi presentated his research at the INFORMS TSL workshop in Chicago.

07/10/2017: Mohammad Moshref-Javadi defended his PhD dissertation.

05/26/2017: Islam Ali defended his PhD dissertation.

05/20/2017: Ashutosh Nayak and Mohammad Moshref-Javadi presented their research at IISE 2017. 

05/15/2017: Rahul Sucharitha started his internship.

05/15/2017: Sungbum Jun started his internship.

04/20/2017: Mohammad Moshref-Javadi received scholarship from INFORMS for the INFORMS TSL workshop in Chicago.

04/15/2017: Chul Hun Choi was awarded the College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award (School of IE).

3/28/2017: Ashutosh Nayak defened his PhD Preliminary Exam.

3/02/2017: Ashutosh Nayak received the Blosser Environmental travel grant.

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About DC Lab

Distributed Control (DC) lab is located in the School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. DC lab was established by Dr. Seokcheon Lee in August 2008. Our main focus of research is on the design and control of large-scale complex network systems, e.g. supply network coordination, dynamic resource allocation, and emergency logistics. The decision principles are especially designed from multidisciplinary perspectives, and they have been proven effective and efficient appropriately for the real-time decisions even in large-scale operations. The principles found in human or biological societies are similarly applied to the complex engineering systems, giving rise to globally desireable performance through local (in space and/or time) decisions and interactions. More information about our research can be found here.

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