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Satellite on Network Neuroscience

Satellite on Network Neuroscience

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Dr. Joaquín Goñi co-organized a Network Neuroscience Satellite at the NetSci 2018 conference in Paris, France.


The satellite was held on June 11 as part of NetSci 2018 (June 11-15). The leading organizer of the satellite event this year is Dr. Fabrizio de Vico Fallani.

Submissions were in these and other areas:

  • Interactome networks
  • Transcriptional and gene regulation networks
  • Structural brain networks (imaging)
  • Functional brain networks (imaging)
  • Brain networks - theory, modeling and analysis
  • Signal processing and information flow
  • Circuit dynamics
  • Brain-behaviour interactions
  • Systems neuroscience

NetSci 2018's theme this year was "International School and Conference on Network Science". Uncovering and understanding the relationship between elements in complex networks has helped propel Network Science in various fields, including neuroscience. The brain is inherently multiscale and multivariate in nature, and understanding each part of the hierarchy and their interconnectedness is vital to understanding brain structure, function and cognition. Genes and proteins interact on the subcellular level. Subsequent populations of cells connect - and integrate within different brain regions - to support and propagate coordinated excitations of neural signals. As dynamic patterns emerge within network circuitry, these signalling patterns integrate to ultimately self-organize the whole organ - itself a cohabitant within the body - which seeks to interact with its external environment and social systems. Studying the brain at these various levels has led to the emergence of Network Neuroscience: a Network Science affiliated field within the brain-based scientific frontier.