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Polymer Science and Engineering

The Polymer Science and Engineering program addresses a critical gap that exists currently in emerging materials-based and polymers-based industrial and academic sites. This is of critical import as greater than 300 million metric tons of plastics are produced annually across the globe. Thus, training the next generation of scientists and engineers to design, synthesis, and process polymeric materials in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner will allow this industry to continue to positively impact nearly every human on the planet on a daily basis. In particular, the curriculum of the program allows for students with both engineering and chemistry backgrounds to use their undergraduate skill set in a manner that will allow for the rapid expansion of their technical abilities and marketable to potential employers. The courses available in this program are designed to approach the study of polymer science and engineering in a holistic way. That is, the students in the program will take courses on the synthesis of macromolecules, the physics of polymers, and the processing and manufacturing of end-use products. In this way, students are able to examine all parts of the polymer production life-cycle in order to equip them to be leaders in the global polymer market. When this is coupled with the management courses that are common to the Chemical Engineering Professional M.S. program, this training prepares students to enter, and quickly manage, the organizations that manufacture the plastics that are critical to society on a daily basis.

Concentration Curriculum:

Degree Requirements:
A minimum of 30 credits total from the following areas, with at least 15 credits having the 'CHE' prefix.
Required ChE Core Credits (6 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 54000 – Transport Phenomena
___(3) CHE 69700 – Statistical Methods in ChE
Required Concentration Core Credits (9 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 54300 – Polymer Reaction Engineering
___(3) CHE 54400 – Structure and Behavior of Polymer Systems
___(3) CHE 59700 – Organic Electronic Materials & Devices
___(3) CHE 59700 – Engr Appl of Biol Molecules
___(3) CHE 59700 – Intro to Nanoscale Science & Eng
___(3) CHE 59700 – Principles of Tissue Engineering
___(3) CHE 66800 – Colloidal & Interfacial Phenomena
___(3) MSE 52500 – Struct-Prop Relations of Eng Polymers
___(3) MSE 56700 – Polymer Synthesis
___(3) MSE 51200 – Powder Processing
___(3) IPPH 58700 – Pharmaceutical Solids
Required Management Credits (9 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 597000 – Financial Anlys & Mgmt of Projects
___(3) MGMT 62000 – Marketing Management
___(3) MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management I
___(3) MGMT 66000 – Intro to Operations Management
Required Capstone Credits (6 credits):
___(6) CHE 59700 – Prof. MS Capstone Project

Plan of Study: