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Pharmaceutical Engineering

The Pharmaceutical Engineering program addresses, using a holistic approach, the emerging problems of pharmaceutical production with special emphasis on the purification, formulation and administration of active pharmaceutical products and the development of novel healthcare engineering approaches. It takes from 10 to 15 years to bring a new pharmaceutical product to market at a cost which rapidly approaches $1 billion. Many potential new pharmaceutical products fail because researchers lack reliable information about their behavior and are unable to develop production processes which guarantee consistent product quality, stability and suitable dosage forms and methods. Courses are designed to provide graduates with the skills to be able to design and develop pharmaceutical products and modern manufacturing processes at the systems level, ensure quality of products through design, development and control, increase the technical depth of knowledge in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and products, as well as to communicate, negotiate, and lead within a global pharmaceutical enterprise and manage pharmaceutical organizations and people.

Concentration Curriculum:

Degree Requirements:
A minimum of 30 credits total from the following areas, with at least 15 credits having the 'CHE' prefix.
Required ChE Core Credits (6 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 54000 – Transport Phenomena
___(3) CHE 69700 – Stat Methods in ChE
Required Concentration Core Credits (9 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 53600 – Particulate Processes
___(3) CHE 59700 – API Manufacturing Processes
___(3) CHE 59700 – Intro to Pharmaceutical Industry
___(3) CHE 59700 – Particle Design and Processing
___(3) IPPH 58300 – Biopharmaceutics
___(3) IPPH 58000 – Physico-chemical Principles
___(2) IPPH 58700 – Pharmaceutical Solids
Required Management Credits (9 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 597000 – Financial Anlys & Mgmt of Projects
___(3) MGMT 62000 – Marketing Management
___(3) MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management I
___(3) MGMT 66000 – Intro to Operations Management
Required Capstone Credits (6 credits):
___(6) CHE 69700 – Prof. MS Capstone Project

Plan of Study:

Plan of study tables