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Kinetics, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

The Kinetics, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering program will introduce students to the design and operation of chemical and catalytic reactors. These vessels are usually the most important part in a chemical plant or oil refinery. Chemical Engineers, with their knowledge of kinetics, heat and mass transfer, separations and control, are the only engineers trained with all the tools necessary to work with reactors. The team of instructors for this concentration is part of the Purdue Catalysis Center (PCC) and spans molecular level control of catalyst synthesis; detailed chemical kinetic analysis; a wide variety of structural and chemical characterization methods for catalysts, their surfaces and their interactions with reacting gases; molecular level theory; reactor modeling, analysis and design; and practical aspects of industrial processes. With this expertise the PCC group offers unique opportunities for students to be trained in all aspects of developing new technologies, including simulations, experimentation, and economic analysis. In addition, we currently expose about 50 undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in the PCC to hands-on projects from fundamental science to industrial practice. Students joining this concentration will be in an ideal environment to learn this science and technology, augment it with specific management courses, and be able to apply the knowledge to solve important practical problems.

Concentration Curriculum:

Degree Requirements:
A minimum of 30 credits total from the following areas, with at least 15 credits having the 'CHE' prefix.
Required ChE Core Credits (6 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 54000 – Transport Phenomena
___(3) CHE 69700 – Stat Methods in ChE
Required Concentration Core Credits (9 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 54300 – Polymerization Reaction Engineering
___(3) CHE 56200 – Industrial Organic Chemistry
___(3) CHE 61000 – Adv Chemical Eng Thermo
___(3) CHE 66000 – Chemical Reaction Engineering
___(3) CHE 66200 – Catalysis
___(3) CHE 66600 – Methods in Catalysis
___(3) CHE 69700 – Advanced Modeling for Catalysis
___(3) CHE 61100 – Statistical Thermodynamics
___(3) CHM 64200 – Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
___(3) CHM 64600 – Kinetics & Mechanisms of Inorganic Reactions
___(3) CHM 64700 – Transition Metal and Organometallic Chem
___(3) CHM 65100 – Advanced Organic Chemistry
Required Management Credits (9 credits from the following list):
___(3) CHE 597000 – Financial Anlys & Mgmt of Projects
___(3) MGMT 62000 – Marketing Management
___(3) MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management I
___(3) MGMT 66000 – Intro to Operations Management
Required Capstone Credits (6 credits):
___(6) CHE 69700 – Prof. MS Capstone Project

Plan of Study:

Plan of study table