Robert Greenkorn

R. Games Slayter Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering

FRNY 2131
Purdue University
School of Chemical Engineering
Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering
480 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2100
(765) 494-4051 (office)
(765) 494-0805 (fax)
B.S. University of Wisconsin, 1954
M.S. University of Wisconsin, 1955
Ph.D University of Wisconsin, 1957

Research Interests

Professor Greenkorn's research interests were concerned with the environment especially flow, mass transport, and reaction in spatially variable porous media and the equilibrium thermodynamic properties of fluids. Current research is understanding and modeling solar variability and it's effect on terrestrial climate.

Awards and Honors

Fellow, AIChE
Fellow, ASEE

Selected Publications

Irwin, N.C., Greenkorn, R.A., Altobelli, S.A., and Cushman, J.H., 2000. "Examination of Stochastic Perturbation Theory by Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Aperiodic Heterogeneous Porous Media, " AIChEJ, 46(12): 2344-2351.

Irwin, N.C., Altobelli, S.A., and Greenkorn, R.A., 1999. "Concentration and Velocity Field Measurements by Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Aperiodic Heterogeneous Porous Media," Mag.Res.Imag.,17(6): 1909-1917.

Kuo, R.-K.H., Irwin, N.C., and Greenkorn, R.A.,1999. "Experimental Investigation of Mixing in Aperiodic Heterogeneous Porous Media: Comparison with Stochastic Transport Theory," Trans. P.M., 37: 169-182.

Greenkorn, R.A.. 2008. "Non Linear Analysis of Sunspot Cycles," Submitted to Solar Physics.