Honorary Doctorates

2010 Deborah Grubbe (BS '77), Owner, Operations & Safety Solutions, LLC, Chadds Ford, PA
2010 Timothy McGinley (BS '63), Founder, House Investments and House Investments Securities, Inc., Indianapolis, IN; former member (1989-2009) and chair (1993-2009) of the Purdue Board of Trustees
2007 Vern W. Weekman, Jr. (BS '53), Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
2006 Don Orr (BS '61), retired as Senior Corporate Vice President, Air Products & Chemicals Inc., Allentown, PA
2001 Robert E. Gadomski (BS '69, MSIA '70), Executive Vice President, Gases and Equipment Group, Air Products & Chemicals Inc., Allentown, PA
2000 William Douglas Young (BS '66), COO, Genentech, Inc., San Francisco, CA
1999 William P. Madar Jr. (BS '62)
1998 Richard A. Hazleton (BS '64, MS '66), Chairman and CEO, Dow Corning
1996 Michael Ramage (BS '66, MS '69, PhD '71), Executive Vice President, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company
1994 Joe J. Stewart (BS '59), President & COO, The Babcock & Wilcox Company
1993 Thomas R. Hodgson (BS '63), President & CEO and Board of Cirectors, Abbott Labs
1992 Robert B. Covalt (BS '53), Executive Vice President, Morton International, Inc., now currently, President, Specialty Chemicals, Morton Chemical.
1991 William G. Bares (BS '63), President and Chief Operating Officer, The Lubrizol Corp.
1990 Ashley Willard Lutz (BS '55), President, Industrial Chemicals Division, Union Carbide Corp., Danbury, CT
1989 John H. Lux (BS '39, PhD '42), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ametek, Inc., New York, NY
1988 Joseph G. Temple, Jr. (BS '51), Executive Vice President, Dow Chemical Co., currently retired as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals.
1987 James F. Schorr (BS '54), Nor Chem, Inc., now currently Vice Chairman, Osterman & Company, Inc., Barrington, IL
1983 James B. Henderson (BS '46, PhD '49), retired Executive Vice President, Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX
1981 Robert C. Forney (BS '47, M.S. '48, PhD '50), retired Executive Vice President, E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, DE
1978 William J. Harris, Jr. (BS '40, MS '40), Snead/ Prof. of Transportation Engineering, Engineering Dept. of CE, Texas A & M University
1976 Paul F. Oreffice (BS '49) Chairman, Dow Chemical Co.
1968 John M. Ciborski (BS '39, BS Met.E. '39) (retired President from Titanium Metals Corp.)
1967 Bruce W. Gonser (BS '23), retired Technical Director, Battelle Memorial Institute
1964 Robert C. Wheeler (BS '37), retired President, International Minerals & Chem. Corp.
1963 Donald H. Tilson (BS '20) (deceased 4/20/79)
1961 Arthur Kelly (BS '24) (deceased 2/27/90)
R. Norris Shreve (deceased 2/17/75)
1960 Harold W. Ritchey (BS '34), retired Chairman of the Board, and CEO from Thiokol Corp.
1959 John C. Siegesmund (BS '19), retired Vice President of Engineering Eli Lilly & Co. (deceased 12/93)
1955 Robert C. Becherer (BS '23), retired Chairman of the Board of Link Belt Company (now FMC Co.
1951 Maynard C. Wheeler (BS '25) (deceased 12/26/79)
Gerald L. Reasor (BS '20) (deceased 10/24/69)
1949 R. Games Slayter (BS '21) (deceased 10/15/64)
1945 Clifford C. Furnas (BS '22) (deceased 4/27/69)