May 2015


Chen, Si
Advisor: R. Byron Pipes
Dissertation Title: "Experimental and Modeling Investigation of Cellulose Nanocrystals Polymer Composite Fibers"

Ridder, Bradley J.
Advisor: Zoltan Nagy
Dissertation Title: "Modeling, Optimization, and Sensitivity Analysis of a Continuous, Multi-Segmented, Multi-Additoin Plug Flow Crystallizer for the Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients"

Sabnis, Kaiwalya D.
Advisors: Nicholas Delgass & Fabio Ribeiro
Dissertation Title: "Structure Activity Relationships for the Water Gas Shift Reaction over Supported Metal Catalysts"

Xiong, Silei
Advisor: James Caruthers
Dissertation Title: "Mechanism and Kinetics of Homogeneous Catalysis"



Pradhan, Shankali U.
Advisor: Fabio Ribeiro
Thesis Title: "Propane Dehydrogenation on Single Site Gallium on Silica Catalyst"


MS Non-Thesis

Madenoor Ramapriya, Gautham
Advisor: Rakesh Agrawal