Supervised Teaching Experience

Teaching Workshops and Training

Purdue has a formal teaching assistant training program, and the GAANN Fellows will be required to participate in that program. In addition, the fellows will be required to participate in at least one of the numerous teaching workshops available at Purdue over the course of their graduate study.

Teaching assistantships

Fellows will be required to serve as teaching assistants (TAs) for one semester within the third and fourth semester. Fellows will also serve as TAs a second time during their fourth or fifth semester prior to their graduation.

In addition, Fellows will collaborate with faculty in designing educational materials for middle- and high-school students under the guidance of the outreach arm of the Purdue Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education program.

Faculty teaching mentors

As TAs, Fellows will give a few carefully chosen lectures in an energy course. A teaching faculty member will guide the Fellow through the lecture material for effectiveness in the class and provide appropriate feedback.

Additional Training

Additionally, Fellows interested in an academic career will:

  • Design homework and exam problems
  • Take the advanced teaching course EC12
  • Mentor an honors undergraduate researcher for one full semester, helping to define and execute the research plan.
  • Participate in a five-week lecture to Minority Engineering Program's MEP Academic Boot Camp at Purdue in the summer as an instructor
  • Learn grantsmanship by helping to draft at least one proposal for funding

Evaluation and feedback

To reinforce strengths and help overcome weaknesses, the GAANN Fellows will receive a great deal of valuable feedback on their performance:

  • Coaching in essential teaching communication skills through supervised presentation of research findings in the biweekly research group meetings (TM4). Both the thesis advisor and other graduate students provide feedback.
  • Constructive feedback from the thesis advisor on the Fellow's external presentations (at least one is required, but the Fellow may make more than one) at a national professional meet
  • Monthly performance reviews by the course instructor on the Fellow's performance as a TA.
  • Monthly meetings with the advisor and the course instructor to glean feedback.
  • For every chemical engineering course instructor, students provide one written evaluation in the middle of the semester and one at the end. These will be provided for the Fellow's performance as a teaching assistant.
  • Fellows' classroom instruction and/or oral presentations on their thesis research at the department’s annual graduate symposium will be videotaped.  The applicable faculty member (generally the thesis advisor) will review the video with the Fellow.
  • While the Fellow is mentoring an honors undergraduate researcher for a semester (TM3), or guiding the summer research of an undergraduate (TM2), the thesis supervisor will provide biweekly performance feedback.
  • Undergraduates being mentored in research by the Fellow (modules TM3 and MI1 in the course list) will be asked to provide at least two written evaluations to the Fellow. The thesis advisor will also collect at least two oral evaluations at the appropriate time interval from the undergraduate researcher to provide constructive feedback to the Fellow.