GAANN Chemical Engineering Energy Education — Professional Development

Along with the formal courses, all GAANN Fellows will also be exposed to an array of professional development (PD) modules. In addition to teaching workshops, fellows will:

  • Participate in a workshop on responsible conduct of research that discusses plagiarism, intellectual property, and research integrity.
  • Participate in an ethics tutorial covering subjects such as diversity, sexual harassment, and conflict of interest.
  • Participate in a GAANN seminar series.
  • Collaborate with faculty in designing educational materials for middle- and high-school students under the guidance of the outreach arm of the Purdue Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education program.
  • Mentor undergraduates to learn the art of academic advising and mentoring. Fellows will be paired with students in energy related research projects. With financial support from Purdue, we will host a number of summer undergraduate research fellowships (SURF) every year. Each SURF student will be assigned to a Fellow whose task will be to develop the research plan and execute it by guiding and mentoring the SURF student.
  • Make at least one external presentation at a national professional meeting.