GAANN Chemical Engineering Energy Education Curriculum

The GAANN Fellowship will take advantage of six elective course requirements to provide broad yet in-depth knowledge of the important role chemical engineers can play in providing energy solutions.

One important course, Advanced Solar Energy Conversion, will provide knowledge of the underlying physics, thermodynamics and charge transport phenomena for all types of modern solar cells along with other alternative methods such as solar thermal for harnessing solar energy. It will introduce ChE students to the unfamiliar topics such as the physics of electron and hole transport in solids, device performance, electrical characterization techniques, etc. This background will allow the students to cross disciplinary lines and apply traditional chemical engineering principles to create much needed low-cost and high efficiency solar cells.

A second unique and truly integrative course, Systems Analysis of Energy Production, Transformation, Distribution and Use, will deal with the past, current and future production and use of all forms of energy along with their availability and environmental footprint. Even though one of our goals is to accelerate the use of renewable energy, it is a reality that the renewables will coexist with fossil fuel for a reasonable time period. Through this course, GAANN Fellows will learn the impact of environmental and energy policies and interrelationships between various energy sources and consumers' usage habits.

For more information on the elective courses and educational initiatives available to GAANN Fellows, see the course list.