Elective Courses and Educational Initiatives for GAANN Fellows

Departmental Core Courses (12 credit hours)
Required Interdisciplinary Energy Courses (EN)
EN1. Advanced Solar Energy Conversion
EN2. Energy Production, Transformation, Distribution and Use
Professional Development (PD) Modules
PD1. Expanding Your Teaching Toolkit Workshop
PD.2 Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop
PD3. Three Module Ethics Tutorial
PD.4 GAANN Seminar Series Internships
Training Modules ™
TM1. Internships
TM2. Deliver classroom lectures on an energy subject
TM3. Define undergraduate research project and mentor student
TM4. Periodically present their research to the GAANN team
TM5. Train in the art of grantsmanship
Miscellaneous (MI) Mentoring & Community Activities
MI1. Participation in Minority Engineering Program’s Academic Boot Camp & PROMISE as instructor and presenter.
MI2. Minority and diversity recruitment and mentoring activities.
Elective Courses (EC) (Minimum 6 credit hours)
EC1. Solid State Physics (PHYS 545)
EC2. Solid State Device (ECE 606)
EC3. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) (MSE 582)
EC4. TEM and Crystal Imperfections (MSE 640)
EC5. X-ray and neutron scattering (ChE697S)
EC6. Energy Conversion from Solid State Devices (ECE 595)
EC7. Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change (CHM 581/EAS 591C)
EC8. Benefit Cost Analysis (AGEC 608)
EC9. Optimization Methods for Systems and Controls (ECE 580)
EC10. Linear Programming (IE 535)
EC11. Integer Programming (IE 634)
EC12. Education Methods in Engineering (ChE 685)