Graduate Courses Offered

The faculty of the School of Chemical Engineering teach a wide spectrum of intermediate, advanced and specialized graduate courses:

ChE 510 Intermediate Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
ChE 527 Advanced Chemical Engineering Calculations
ChE 540 Transport Phenomena
ChE 543 Polymerization Reaction Engineering
ChE 544 Structure and Physical Behavior of Polymers
ChE 550 Optimization in Chemical Engineering
ChE 555 Computer Integrated Process Operations
ChE 556 Fundamentals of Microelectronics
ChE 557 Intelligent Systems
ChE 558 Rate Controlled Separation Processes
ChE 577 Flow Phenomena in Porous Media
ChE 597A Risk Management Process Development
ChE 597B Chemical Process Industry
ChE 597C Polymer Science & Engineering Laboratory
ChE 597E Design and Analysis in Chemical Engineering
ChE 597M Advanced Chemical Engineering Measurement Laboratory
ChE 597S Particulate Systems
ChE 597T Biochemical Engineering
ChE 597W Molecular Level Measurements in Chemical Engineering

ChE 610 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
ChE 611 Statistical Thermodynamics
ChE 620 Transport Phenomena I
ChE 621 Transport Phenomena II
ChE 623 Separation Processes
ChE 624 Mass Transfer
ChE 630 Applied Mathematics for Chemical Engineers
ChE 632 Linear Operator Methods in Chemical Engineering
ChE 633 Probabilistic Methods in Chemical Engineering
ChE 635 Chemical Engineering Fluid Dynamics
ChE 644 Advanced Polymer Science & Engineering
ChE 645 Polymer Rheology
ChE 656 Advanced Process Control
ChE 658 Biomedical Phenomena
ChE 660 Chemical Reaction Engineering
ChE 662 Catalysis
ChE 666 Methods in Catalysis
ChE 668 Colloidal and Interfacial Phenomena
ChE 672 Selected Topics in Biochemical Engineering
ChE 684 Computer Aided Design
ChE 685 Educational Methods in Chemical Engineering
ChE 697A Polymer Science & Engineering
ChE 697B Principles of Biomedical Engineering I
ChE 697D Principles of Biomedical Engineering II