2011-12 Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Symposium Awards


First Place:

  • Gautam Yadav, Advisor Wu, and Haoran Yang, Advisor Wu, “Design and Engineering of Thermoelectric Nanostructures”

Second place (tie):

  • Sheng-chuan Su, Advisor Liu, “Modular Protein-based Materials with Tunable Mechanical Properties for Cartilage Engineering”
  • Shane Bates, Advisor Ribeiro, “The Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx Gas on Cu-Exchanged Zeolites”


First Place:

  • Dave Balachandran, Advisor Beaudoin, “Particle Shape and Roughness Characterization by Focused Ion Beam Tomography for Adhesion Simulation”

Second place:

  • Anirudh Shenvi, Advisors Agrawal, Reklaitis, & Venkatasubramanian, “Low-Cost Solutions to Improve Distillation Energy Efficiency”

Third Place:

  • Julie Renner, Advisor Liu, “Bioactive Peptides for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation in Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Honorable Mention:

  • Heather Emady, Advisors Litster & Wassgren, “Investigation of Granule Formation for Regime Separated Granulation


External Awards

Ranjita Ghose received a John Jink Company Graduate Fellowship.

Aniruddha Kelkar and Anand Venkatesan won the Soybean Alliance Competition.

Caleb Miskin received an NSF 2012 Graduate Research Fellowship.

Rasika Prabhu won the Best Graduate Paper scholarship award from the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society for her paper titled "Does a Sum of Hyperelastic and Single-Integral Viscoelastic Terms Describe Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Elastomers?"

Lizbeth Rostro received an NSF 2012 Graduate Research Fellowship.

Katie Smith received an IBM PhD Fellowship Award.

Unversity Awards

  • The CETA Teaching Award is granted by the Purdue Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA). The 2012 Chemical Engineering recipient is:
    • Kevin Brew .
  • A Frederick N. Andrews Environmental Travel Grant from the Graduate School was awarded to:
    • Shane Bates.

College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards

  • The Hugh W. and Edna M. Donnan Dissertation Fellowship ChE recipient is:
    •  Anand Venkatesan
  • The Henry Ford Scholarship winner is selected from students having the "best academic record in Engineering one year before graduation, if the student is pursuing a graduate degree." The Chemical Engineering 2012 recipient is:
    •  Anirudh Shenvi.
  • The Magoon Excellence in Teaching Awards are given to outstanding teaching assistants in memory of Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon who have influenced the lives of many engineering educators early in their careers. The 2012 Chemical Engineering recipients are:
    • Michael Detwiler
    • Anshu Gupta
    • Mark Suchomel.
  • The Outstanding Researcher Award recognizes research excellence in graduate students. The 2012 Chemical Engineering recipient is:
    •  Ahmad Al-Kukhun.
  • The Outstanding Service and Scholarship Award is provided to graduate students who have provided outstanding service to the graduate student community, the School, the College, and the University. The Chemical Engineering 2012 recipient is:
    •  Vinod Kumar Venkatakrishnan.  

School of Chemical Engineering Awards

  • The Excellence for Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes one outstanding ChE Teaching Assistant every year. The recipient is selected by the senior undergraduate students through an electronic vote. The 2012 winner is:
    • Vinod Kumar Venkatakrishnan.
  •  The Purdue ChE Faculty Lectureship Award recipient is selected by the ChE Graduate Committee on the basis of academic accomplishments during graduate School. The 2012 recipient is:
    •  Hoyoung Lee.
  • The Research Publication Award of the School of Chemical Engineering is selected based on citation counts obtained from the Web of Science. The 2012 recipients are:
    • Arun Giridhar
    • Qijie Guo
    • Moiz Diwan.