Many among the faculty and leadership of Purdue’s College of Engineering were captivated by the video below, Colombia 2025, shared by Mr. Juan Ernesto de Bedout, a native Antioquian who graduated from Purdue in 1968 and chairs Dean Leah Jamieson’s Engineering Advisory Council.

Mr. de Bedout, former President of Kimberly Clark Corporation’s Latin American Operations (KCC-LAO), supports PhD students and research in Industrial Engineering at Purdue, hires graduates from the business and engineering programs to work throughout Latin America, and facilitates interactions between Purdue and Latin American Universities.

Colombia’s vision resonated with Purdue’s as it aspires to be a university of the world where the assets that make it a great public, Research I, Land Grant institution in the U.S. could be deployed, in collaborative partnerships, to serve humanity in other parts of the world.  With alumni and research partners all over the world, Purdue’s presence is quietly felt.  Colombia’s vision challenged us to think big — to imagine working not just with her universities, but with her entire educational system, government and industry in order to make a difference in a place where we already share friendships through research, faculty, students, and alumni.


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