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Colombian Student Path: Pursuing Cutting-Edge Research and Education


In addition to providing a world-class research education, Colciencias and Purdue will work together to prepare Colombia’s future scientific leaders with entrepreneurial skills and an understanding of community service. We also are working to ensure Colombia’s post-bachelor’s and post-doctoral degree students have an opportunity to work directly in a Purdue lab, gaining valuable experience to bring back to Colombia. These programs are described below:

Doctoral training in nanotechnology and biotechnology

• Connecting to Research Faculty:

This website will provide up-to-date information about Purdue’s participating faculty, their departments and research projects. Colombian students under this program will follow the admissions process and requirements of the department to which they apply. Under this plan the research supervisor at Purdue will cover these costs related to the research activity conducted under their supervision, assuming satisfactory progress.

• Entrepreneurship and intellectual property training:

All Purdue doctoral students enrolled in Colombia in this program will attend a training course on entrepreneurship offered at the Burton Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship. The topics include: entrepreneurship, business planning, obtaining investment funds, the creation of a team, and valuation of intellectual property.

• Business Seminar Series:

Purdue will host a series of seminars for Colombian students and young researchers in the program in which a representative of an industry or a venture capitalist firm with interests in Colombia and other Latin American regions will be invited twice a year to Purdue present a seminar and to network with the Colombian students and scholars at Purdue in the program. 

• Opportunity to Participate in Community Projects:

Purdue is home to the engineering projects of the Community Services (EPIC), a multidisciplinary course with community service projects that sends groups of students to work on technical problems faced by some service organizations local and international. Colombian doctoral students in this program may use this opportunity to participate in a program of EPICS, some of which are being developed in Colombia.

Training of Junior investigators in nanotechnology and biotechnology

• Internship Program for Young Researchers

The Purdue-Colombia internship program is designed to provide research opportunities and professional development in nanotechnology and biotechnology for Colombian nationals selected under the Colciencias program  "Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda" Young Scientists and Innovators. Young researchers refer to those students who have successfully completed their Bachelor’s degree and want to acquire research experience prior to starting a doctoral program.

The young researcher will conduct a research internship for a period not less than 6 months and a maximum of one (1) year with one of the members of the Purdue faculty participating in this program. Training will include research in nano / biotechnology to materials science and / or computer simulations, and when deemed necessary by the faculty member, participate workshops and short term courses focusing on areas of interest to the field of research.

For the 2011-2012 academic year, the program begins no earlier than August 2011 and continued until the summer of 2012. The Purdue-Colombia young researcher program supports up to a maximum of 20 academic interns "Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda" per year in the areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology. The Purdue-Colombia VSP will be administered through the Office of Professional Practices (OPP), Faculty of Engineering.

Based on their research interests, interns may be placed in research cohorts. The OPP will help match each cohort with professors in the areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology that are participating in this program from Purdue. OPP also provide information and assistance to each cohort on immigration, housing and daily life in the United States. Interns may participate in cultural events and occasional English language events organized by the OPP.

A list of potential research projects will be provided to the candidates of the Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda program who will choose their top three choices. The OPP will assist in the matchmaking until  all candidates have faculty advisors.

All administrative details will be in charge of the OPP. Fellows must submit a final research paper and present it at the end of the program. Candidates for Purdue-Colombia Young researcher program must meet the following eligibility requirements (a) must be a Colombian national, (b) Maintain a degree in the fields of science or engineering at a well ranked university in Colombia, (c) Demonstrate a high level of English proficiency, and (d) Be COLCIENCAS recipient of the "Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda."

Junior researchers for this program must be identified and approved no later than three months before the expected arrival at Purdue in order to provide sufficient time for Purdue to issue the appropriate immigration documentation, as well as to provide sufficient time to enable the person to apply for a visa and make travel plans.

Training of postdoctoral scholars in nanotechnology and biotechnology

• Post-Doctoral Studies Program

Professors participating in the nanotechnology and biotechnology program at Purdue will post on this website of any funded postdoctoral position available in their research groups. Based on these advertisements, qualified Colombians with Doctorates can apply to be considered directly to the Professors for these positions. Additionally, if Colciencias begins a new postdoctoral scholarship program, we will post its details on this website.