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Eleven CPIASR team members visited a three-city tour of Colombia

Event Date: March 13, 2011
Eleven CPIASR team members visited a total of 11 Colombian universities and 8 related institutions during a three-city tour of Colombia. The primary activities of the team's visits were interacting with students and faculty, providing brief presentations of CPIASR and, participating in lab tours and discussing shared research and educational opportunities.
Highlights of the team's visit to Cali, Medellin and Bogota included: (i) a meeting with Mr. Luis Carlos Sarmiento, one of Colombia's top entrepreneurs and business leaders, head of the financial services empire Grupo Aval, and president of the educational foundation Colfuturo; (ii) a visit with Colombia's Ministra of Education Maria Fernanda Campos; (iii) a meeting with EPM General Manager Federico Restrepo Posada regarding the opening of a nanotechnology center in Medellin; and (iv) a meeting with Ann Mason of the Fulbright Foundation to develop a partnership between CPIASR and Fulbright; and (v) a nanotechnology presentation by several of CPIASR faculty members to more than 1,500 students onsite and through video-conferencing at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota. More info about the visit