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CPIASR Summer Visit to Bogotá Advances Partnerships

Event Date: June 1, 2011
Dr. Arden Bement, Dr. Arvind Raman, Dr. Jean Paul Allain and Mr. Juan Ernesto deBedout, president of Latin American operations for Kimberly Clarke, were honored to discuss CPIASR with several educational and government leaders during a June, 2011 visit to Bogota, Colombia. Dr. Bement gave two presentations about CPIASR to a summit of organized by Colombia's Ministra of Education, Maria Fernanda Campo, that brought together the presidents of Colombia's top accredited public and private universities. The CPIASR team then had the opportunity to lunch with the mayor of Bogota, followed by a visit to the Ministry of Education to meet with officials dedicated to linking industry with university researchers throughout Colombia. The CPIASR team also meet with Dr. Jose Fernando Isaza, president of Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano, as well as several additional university presidents to further raise awareness about CPIASR. In the evening, the CPIASR team were privileged to attend a dinner at the home of Purdue alum, Mr. Gilberto Gomez, that included Colombia's Minister of Agriculture Juan Camilo Restrepo Salazar. This brief but very active visit to Bogotá allowed the CPIASR leadership to gain additional insights for building an effective, long-term partnerships between Colombia and Purdue University.