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Colombian team seeking to build textile research center visits Purdue

Event Date: October 28, 2011
A delegation of university, industry and government leaders from Colombia visited Purdue Oct. 28, 2011 as part of their effort to identify a potential textile research center site. The team expressed particular interest in textile sensing capabilities, coatings and nano-enhanced textiles functionalized for personal medicine and detection.

The delegation included: (i) Juan C. Cadavid, CEO of Fabricato, the largest textile company in Colombia, as well as Fabricato’s vice president of production, Gustavo Builes. (ii) Mr. Carlos Botero, the president of the Institute for Exports and Fashion (Inexmoda); (iii) Mr. Luz E. Botero, Executive Director, Cluster Textile-Apparel-Design-Fashion; (iv) Felix Londoño,Director of Research, EAFIT University; and (v) Alejandro Franco, Director for Open Innovation, TECNOVA.

Hosted by the Birck Nanotechnology Center, the delegation’s visit included an extensive tour of Birck’s facilities as well as tours of Purdue Research Park and an in-depth conversation with Dean Chris Ladisch of the College of Health and Human Sciences as well as researchers in Purdue’s Consumer Science and Retail Department.