Leading Colombian Newspaper Features CPIASR Partnerships Aug. 10, 2011 edition: "Colombia With a New Ally in Science" read more
The arrival of a supercomputer to strengthen EAFIT nanotechnology research (in Spanish) read more
Eleven CPIASR team members visited a total of 19 Colombian universities and related institutions during an extensive tour of Colombia March 13 through March 20, 2011. read more
Jaime Restrepo Cuartes, the director of Colciencias (the Colombian government's Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation) toured Purdue University’s campus and met with numerous academic and research leaders Friday, Nov. 4, 2011. read more
A delegation of university, industry and government leaders from Colombia visited Purdue Oct. 28, 2011 as part of their effort to identify a potential textile research center site. The team expressed particular interest in textile sensing capabilities, coatings and nano-enhanced textiles functionalized for personal medicine and detection. read more
President France A. Córdova and Federico Restrepo, CEO of Grupo Empresarial EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellín), sign a memorandum of understanding that will facilitate collaborations in the areas of nanotechnology, water resources, environmental science and energy. read more
More than 70 of Colombia’s top university leaders and researchers attended the Forum with the goal of building collaborations with Purdue’s faculty members, particularly in the areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and engineering education. The Forum included an extensive tour of Purdue’s facilities, a poster session and technical break-out sessions. A highlight of the forum included the signing of a formal agreement between President France Cordova and EPM’s CEO Federico Restrepo establishing Purdue’s role as EPM develops Colombia’s first nanotechnology center. Please click here to view the Forum’s agenda, abstract book, photographs and other information.
Professor Pedro Prieto visits Purdue to establish partnerships and give a presentation entitled, " Dr. Prieto is the Director of the Excellence Center for Novel Materials in Colombia as well as the Director of the Thin Films Group in the Department of Physics at the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia

Dr. Prieto's presentation can be viewed at
CPIASR’s relationship with our Colombia partners grew even stronger during August and September 2011, with a crowning highlight of the summer being the warm reception CPIASR received from the president of the Republic of Colombia, President Juan Manuel Santos, at the conclusion of a national innovation summit Sept. 7-9th.  As shown below, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos received the Boilermaker flag during a national innovation summit in Colombia attended by several CPIASR members. President Santos received the flag from Dr. Arden Bement, director of Purdue’s Global Policy Research Institute. CPIASR members also had the opportunity to interact with several high-level members of President Santos’ staff, including Ministra of Education Maria Fernanda Campo. read more
Dr. Arvind Raman and Carolyn Percifield, Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment, discussed CPIASR's goals with representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the State Department during a May, 2011 visit. The Organization of American States is an intergovernmental agency dedicated to addressing matters vital to the Western Hemisphere. Dr. Raman and Ms. Percifield also met with representatives from the Office of Science and Technology Advisor for the U.S. Department of State, which is dedicated to serving the U.S. national interest by promoting global scientific and technological progress as integral components of US diplomacy. Both OAS and the State Department were highly enthusiastic about CPIASR and are now developing plans to work with CPIASR and further strengthen educational and research collaboration between Colombia and the U.S.
Dr. Arden Bement, Dr. Arvind Raman, Dr. Jean Paul Allain and Mr. Juan Ernesto deBedout, president of Latin American operations for Kimberly Clarke, were honored to discuss CPIASR with several educational and government leaders during a June, 2011 visit to Bogota, Colombia. Dr. Bement gave two presentations about CPIASR to a summit of organized by Colombia's Ministra of Education, Maria Fernanda Campo, that brought together the presidents of Colombia's top accredited public and private universities. The CPIASR team then had the opportunity to lunch with the mayor of Bogota, followed by a visit to the Ministry of Education to meet with officials dedicated to linking industry with university researchers throughout Colombia. The CPIASR team also meet with Dr. Jose Fernando Isaza, president of Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano, as well as several additional university presidents to further raise awareness about CPIASR. In the evening, the CPIASR team were privileged to attend a dinner at the home of Purdue alum, Mr. Gilberto Gomez, that included Colombia's Minister of Agriculture Juan Camilo Restrepo Salazar. This brief but very active visit to Bogotá allowed the CPIASR leadership to gain additional insights for building an effective, long-term partnerships between Colombia and Purdue University.
Dr. Ann Mason, executive director for Colombia-Fulbright, visited Purdue University June 23-24th in order to strengthen the two organizations' long-term partnership. The Global Policy Research Institute, the Purdue Graduate School and the International Students and Scholars Program all played key roles in hosting Dr. Mason. Throughout the visit, Dr. Mason met with Purdue's Colombia-Fulbright Scholars as well as numerous faculty and administrative leaders.
Rosario's Chancellor Liliana Gómez Díaz and Dean of Management Jeannette Velez Ramirez met with members of CPIASR and leaders of the Krannert School of Management to discuss a wide range of collaboration opportunities, particularly in the areas of biomedical sciences, complex systems and strategic management. Universidad del Rosario is one of the oldest universities in Colombia and the alma mater for 32 of Colombia's presidents.
Dr. Ruben G. Echeverria, Director General, Colombia's International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) visits Purdue University. Dr. Echeverria was invited to visit Purdue by Dr. Gebisa Ejeta, a Purdue Distinguished Professor of Agronomy and winner of the 2010 World Food Prize. During Dr. Echeverria's visit, he led a seminar entitled, "CIAT new research challenges, an opportunity to build strategic alliance with U.S. Universities." Dr. Echeverria, who met with CPIASR team members when they visited CIAT in March, met again with members of the CPIASR during his Purdue visit with the aim of building strong research relationships between the two organizations. More info
Dr. Franklin Jaramillo Isaza, a professor of the Universidad de Antioquia, visited Purdue University to learn more about possible collaboration opportunities through the Birck Nanotechnology Center. Dr. Isaza also gave a presentation, "Advanced Nanocomposite Polymers for Electrical/Functional Applications," as part of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Nanotechnology Series. More info
Eleven CPIASR team members visited a total of 11 Colombian universities and 8 related institutions during a three-city tour of Colombia. The primary activities of the team's visits were interacting with students and faculty, providing brief presentations of CPIASR and, participating in lab tours and discussing shared research and educational opportunities.

Highlights of the team's visit to Cali, Medellin and Bogota included: (i) a meeting with Mr. Luis Carlos Sarmiento, one of Colombia's top entrepreneurs and business leaders, head of the financial services empire Grupo Aval, and president of the educational foundation Colfuturo; (ii) a visit with Colombia's Ministra of Education Maria Fernanda Campos; (iii) a meeting with EPM General Manager Federico Restrepo Posada regarding the opening of a nanotechnology center in Medellin; and (iv) a meeting with Ann Mason of the Fulbright Foundation to develop a partnership between CPIASR and Fulbright; and (v) a nanotechnology presentation by several of CPIASR faculty members to more than 1,500 students onsite and through video-conferencing at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota. More info about the visit
Two representatives of Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) and one representative of the non-profit organization Ruta N visited Purdue University. EPM is the head of a group that consists of 12 companies and has equity participation in eight others in the electricity and water sectors. The goal of this visit was to explore possibilities of Colombia-Purdue collaboration in nano-enabled energy applications. MORE INFO