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A biotechnology partnership between Purdue University and Colciencias will be mutually beneficial since it will enhance the exchange of ideas and cultures while also contributing to the education of students who will better understand the world. To initiate this cooperative program, the Institute is pursuing a joint effort in biotechnology as broadly defined by: (i) agriculture; (ii) biofuels; (iii) bioproducts and bioprocess engineering; and (iv) biopharmaceuticals.

One of the grand challenges in meeting Colombia’s biotechnology demand (including feedstock for biofuel production) is ensuring the environmental sustainability of crop production. Ensuring sustainability will require public confidence that river ecosystems that drain crop production will be adequately managed and protected.

Example research topics include:

The development of a cadre of scientists and engineers that can integrate biology and engineering will help Colombia develop its renewable resources as well as broaden Purdue's research programs to another part of the vibrant and growing Americas.