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The close bond between Purdue University and Colombia began decades ago.  It has sustained and grown stronger over time, but especially in the current decade, since Purdue launched its Colombia Purdue Initiative in 2010.  In six short years, hundreds of individuals from all across Colombia and Purdue have crossed the Caribbean to explore and implement collaborations that matter to our collective futures. 

Our greatest joint asset, however, is you – our alumni  – you share a deep, lifelong attachment to your beloved country of Colombia and to your university family here at Purdue (and around the world!).

This section is an opportunity for us to feature and appreciate the stories of our common history and to acknowledge the contributions of those who have built the Colombia Purdue legacy.



Purdue International Student Enrollment: Colombia Ranks #7 out of 127 countries
(total students by country)


As of fall 2016, Colombia ranked 7th out of 127 countries for total enrollment of international students and 6th for graduate students.  Notably, it has ranked within the top 10 since 2007 for graduate students, but has not ranked in the top 10 for undergraduates since 2006.  We aim to change that – with a dedicated recruiter now for Colombia (and Latin America) we saw a jump from 15 undergraduate students in 2015 to 29 in 2016.






Help us build our Colombia Purdue history!

We found this photograph within the  Purdue Library’s Archives and Special Collections. It was taken September 1969 in BOGOTA during a Purdue Alumni Club meeting. However, we do not know the people or story of this image -- do you recognize someone (maybe yourself) in the picture? What is your story? Or your friend’s story? What is the history of the Purdue Bogota Alumni Club? Who organized it? What did they do and why did it stop?

Por Favor, HELP us build the story of the Colombia Purdue legacy and SHARE what you know about this picture. Click HERE to write to us and to upload other photos and stories that you saved from your Purdue adventures as a student and your family and life experiences after Purdue. 

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