Colombia Purdue Initiative — CPI

Purdue College of Pharmacy to Collaborate with Colombian Universities

Last March, Dr. Ellen Schellhase, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, and Dr. Eric Barker, Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, from the Purdue College of Pharmacy travelled to Colombia. The purpose of their visit was to explore possibilities for partnership with Colombian universities, which included Universidad Nacional, ICESI, Universidad de Cartagena and Universidad de Antioquia. The week-long trip served as an introductory platform that will become the foundation of future collaborative efforts in research and clinical practice. As this project develops, Purdue and Colombian pharmacy schools will determine specific ways to work together, and it is expected that these efforts will lead to student, faculty and staff exchanges.

Dr. Schellhase, who spoke with us, praised Colombian hospitality and the willingness of the people she met to collaborate and to think outside the box. When asked about her impressions on the culture she did not hesitate: “It was fantastic!”. She asserted her wish to move forward with this engagement with Colombia, and says she hopes to return soon.


Pharmacy department at Universidad Nacional with Dr. Eric Barker (second from left) and Dr. Ellen Schellhase (in the center).


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