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MSc in Computer Science, Purdue University
MSc in Systems Engineering and Computation, Universidad Del Norte
BSc in Systems Engineering, Universidad Del Norte


What was your research topic and how did you become interested in it?
My research is in Topological Interlocking Configurations from a Computer Graphics and Geometric approach. This is a known concept in architecture and engineering that has been used since ancient times by certain indigenous groups but documentation only began after the Renaissance. Its properties as a material and construction technique were discovered more recently.

I became interested in the topic while searching for interlocking generation methods. Usually, for keeping two building blocks together we need concavities for fitting them or using additional helpers such as adhesives or mortar. However, using the topological interlocking approach we can put such requirements aside and build sound structures with convex building blocks almost entirely.

What were the most difficult and the most gratifying aspects of your studies?
The most difficult aspect was hanging in there when having no progress seemed to be the only type of result I could get. Such hurdle helped me to be more strategic in the way I was facing my grad studies and research as well.

On the other hand, it was very gratifying learning about the hot topics in different academic and professional areas in CS. It is always good to be up-to-date with such information.
“It is quite an honor (and a challenge) to study in the same place where remarkable people have prepared academically before making significant contributions to science and history.”
What are your plans after graduation?
I’m continuing with my PhD studies in Computer Science as well as my research work at Purdue. Additionally, I’m working with the ITAP’s Hub projects by developing web tools for researchers to store, manage and publish their datasets.
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