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20 students from Universidad Nacional in research internship at Purdue

Colciencias, the Colombian government agency that supports research in the country, launched "Nexo Global". This program is designed to take Colombian undergraduate students to top universities around the world, where they can participate in academic research. As a result, 20 students from Universidad Nacional arrived to Purdue on January 19th, where they will support diverse research projects in strategic areas of interest as part of an internship program that will continue for the next six months.

Colciencias, who is fully financing the internship, tested the skills of the students by selecting them through a tough process that required them to demonstrate both their interest and capabilities to face the challenge. In addition to their research projects, students will be participating in an English strengthening course, methodology sessions to learn how to present results to different audiences, as well as various cultural activities.

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20 Nexo Global students arrived to Purdue on January 19th 2016