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“All-American” Marching Band at the Festival of Flowers in Medellín

The Purdue marching band visited Medellín and performed at the Flowers Festival parade

Purdue University’s “All-American” Marching Band performed in the Flowers Festival between August 5th and 10th in Medellín, Colombia. The historic festival is an annual celebration that honors a historic tradition of flower growers and farmers who used to transport their delicate products in complex structures that they carried on their backs, in order to protect the plants from the difficult roads that connected their towns with the big city. During the “Silleteros” Parade, the floats of flowers are exhibited by the farmers throughout the city streets, filled with spectators.

More than 190 students of the “All-American” Marching Band performed at the parade, as well as at four other locations around the city. The trip was also an opportunity for a cultural exchange, and the band members participated in several events that took place in the context of the festival. Some of the activities that took place included a visit to a traditional farm where the growers build the flower floats; a visit to a small traditional "paisa" town; and a visit to the Orchids, Birds and Flowers Fair at the city’s botanical gardens. Band members and citizens of Medellín expressed both their enjoyment and gratitude towards each other, and towards this amazing visit.

The band at the "Silleteros" Parade, the most important performance of the trip and the most popular Flowers Festival event. (Photo: Purdue Bands and Orchestras)
Performance at Plaza de Botero.  (Photo: Purdue Bands and Orchestras)
Performance at the "Cincuentenario" field. For this presentation, the students from the 'Gran Banda de Medellin' joined the Purdue Band and performed a couple of songs together. Prior to the show the two groups participated in a joint rehearsal, which was a great opportunity for both bands to share, not only their music, but also their culture. (Photo: Purdue Bands and Orchestras)
Band performance in the country house of a Purdue friend. (Photo: Purdue Bands and Orchestras)