Colombia Purdue Initiative — CPI

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to cultivate leaders who drive economic prosperity in Colombia, Indiana and the United States through innovation in science, technology, policy and education. The Colombia-Purdue Initiative is a partnership with the Colombian government in areas that Colombia has identified as its national priorities and through which there is:

(a) a meaningful exchange of people and knowledge that bridges our cultures and enriches our societies,

(b) a shared effort to build, at Universities and beyond, a scientific and entrepreneurial workforce for discovery, invention, and commercialization in Colombia, and

(c) a collaborative pursuit of new knowledge to advance the boundaries of science and technology in areas of common interest that have great potential to shape the economic future of the Americas.

The Initiative will advance education and research in science, technology and engineering through key partnerships.One partnership is with Colciencias with four focus areas for doctoral fellowship opportunities: (i) Nanotechnology; (ii) Biotechnology; (iii) and Sustainability and engineering against the threat of natural disasters. Another partnership is with the private foundation Colfuturo, which is dedicated to providing scholarship-loans to all types of engineering students seeking an advanced degree at Purdue University.